Amanda Harte

Dream Weaver, The Third Hidden Falls Romance


Life in Hidden Falls is never boring, at least not for Claire Conners. While others might long for big city lights, she’s happy teaching high school and serving on every town committee. Even though it wasn’t her dream career, there’s no denying the satisfaction she finds in teaching. But when a dwindling population threatens to close the school and change the town irrevocably, Claire knows it’ll take a small miracle to keep her hometown alive.

Enter John Moreland. A man who’s made millions in urban gentrification, he has no intention of returning to his ancestral home of Hidden Falls, even though the family estate is up for sale. Why would he be interested in a little town in the middle of nowhere? Why would he want to do business with Claire? Oh, she’s intelligent and beautiful and everything he would want in a partner or a wife, but the simple fact is, he doesn’t want either a partner or a wife.

And so the sparks begin to fly, fanned by Claire’s matchmaking grandmother and the meddling Town Council. There’s no chance for a happy ending. Both Claire and John know that. But sometimes miracles happen when you least expect them.

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Dream Weaver, Amanda Harte's third installment in the Hidden Falls series, delivers the intimate storytelling readers have come to expect from her, and more. Harte is an expert at handling the rhythms of small town America, and in this book, she goes beyond the usual depictions, with a visceral picture of a dying town. While the first two books in the series focus on the early twentieth century, Dream Weaver unfolds in a contemporary Hidden Falls, with the stories of another generation of this town.

The story of a dying mill town is made unique and personal through the eyes of Claire Connors, a local high school teacher. Single, and taking care of her lively grandmother, Claire is at the center of her community and searches for a way to revitalize it. When John Moreland comes to town she thinks she's found the answer.

Claire's love of the small community is an unlikely match for John's Manhattan sensibilities. But along the way, they discover dreams they'd never allowed themselves to dream before. The conclusion is emotionally satisfying and leaves the reader anticipating Harte's next trip to Hidden Falls.

Arlene Guillen for Colorado Romance Writers

Dream Weaver is the third Hidden Falls Romance, and it is a departure from the first two books...

We once again meet the residents of Hidden Falls, they are all fresh, new characters that all seem to possess their own kind of charm. John, in particular, is an alluring man. Not only does he enjoy wealth and looks, but he has charisma as well. But, not surprisingly, like so many men, Claire finds he has issues when it comes to trust and commitment. Still, the author does well to make the reader care for him, when it is Claire who garners so much sympathy. She’s passionate in her zeal to save what she loves, and their romance often parallels the storyline about the restoration of Fairlawn, and ultimately the fate of Hidden Falls. With both, there are ups and downs, risks to take, and a lot of soul-searching involved.

In Dream Weaver, it is obvious that Hidden Falls and its residents are created with great fondness, and this loving attention produces a pleasant place to visit peopled with characters who ring true to life. Readers do not have to read the previous Hidden Falls Romances in order to enjoy Dream Weaver. It stands on its own as a sweet and gentle romance featuring likable characters.

Sandra Brill for Romance Reviews Today

Avalon Books June 2007
ISBN 978-0-8034-9832-7

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