Amanda Harte

Imperfect Together, An Unwanted Legacy Romance


From the moment he steps off the plane, Luke Johnson knows there’s been a colossal mistake. How else can you explain the fact that a man who’s content to live in a one-bedroom apartment without so much as a plant to keep him company has inherited an estate in -- of all places -- New Jersey? Not just an ordinary estate, either. This one comes complete with a mansion, a conservatory and some unusual residents along with one very normal, very beautiful woman named Jenny Coleburn. This is not what Luke needs. No, sirree.

If Luke’s unhappy, so is Jenny. She’s just gotten her life and her daughter’s back on track after the divorce, and now they may lose their home to a man who’s as allergic to children as he is to cats.

As far as Jenny can see, this is one story that holds no promise of a happy ending. But the fates and her matchmaking house mates think differently. And sometimes, when it’s least expected, love blossoms.

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Imperfect Together is a remarkably well-written and touching story with strong main characters that will tug at your emotions as they struggle to put their past behind them and begin living again. The quirky secondary characters are delightful additions that add a light touch to an already good story line. Amanda Harte’s stories just keep getting better and better – Imperfect Together is simply perfect!

Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

When you take a handsome Texan and place him in, of all places, New Jersey, you have a beautiful story from this truly exceptional writer of romance. With insight and a special gift for the art of writing, Ms. Harte’s story is sure to make this an award winning story that you can't put down. This is a must read.

Donita Lawrence, Bell Book and Candle

Mix a reluctant heir from Texas with an embittered New Jersey single mom in a to-die-for estate manned by eccentrics determined to brew up a romance and you’ve got Amanda Harte’s latest: Imperfect Together. A delightful daughter adds humor, an unsavory ex-husband a dash of intrigue as Luke and Jenny's engagement-of-convenience turns toward true love. This delightful romp takes an unexpected turn before your heart will soar as this pair find out they’re far from imperfect together.

RITA Award Winning Author, Eileen Charbonneau

Imperfect Together is romance the way it ought to be--with characters so real and wonderful you will find yourself wishing you could take them home with you!

Award Winning Author, April Kihlstrom

Pick up this special romantic story that weaves a spell around your heart. Amanda Harte writes stories that are tender and sweet and wrap your heart up with the strings of love. Imperfect Together is going to melt your heart!

Suzanne Coleburn for
The Belles and Beaux of Romance

Avalon Books October 2001
ISBN 0-8034-9496-3

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