Amanda Harte

Midnight Sun


Young and idealistic, Amelia Sheldon travels to Alaska to be a doctor, a real doctor, not just a midwife. She has no intention of falling in love, especially with a hard-headed, arrogant mine owner like William Gunning, for falling in love would mean facing her heartbreaking secret.

The last thing on earth William Gunning needs -- or wants -- is a doctor. As for a starry-eyed lady doctor who thinks she can cure mankind's ills -- well, a new gold strike is what the town really needs.

But love comes when it's least expected, and maybe, just maybe, there's enough magic in the land of the midnight sun to make it last.

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Midnight Sun is a beautifully written story exploring jealousy, prejudice, love and courage in a frontier setting. Amanda Harte breathes such life into her settings and characters!

Amanda Harte has given us characters that are strong, likable people, flaws and all. The characters of Amelia and William are compelling and completely true to life, but equally well drawn are the secondary characters that bring the book to life with their own part of the story.

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Ms. Harte's beautiful story of life in 1909 Alaska will bring you hours of reading pleasure. Ms. Harte gives you three stories in one in this SPLENDID book. Don't miss this rising star! 4 1/2 bells!

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Midnight Sun is artfully set in the Alaskan frontier in the early twentieth century -- a fascinating location in which to explore and ponder interesting issues of sexism and discrimination, wonderfully brought to our attention by Amanda Harte through her fine writing and excellent characterizations.

Midnight Sun has it all, including my hearty recommendation.

Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

Amanda Harte has taken on the rip-roaring 1909 Alaskan frontier in high style in Midnight Sun. Doctor Amelia Sheldon has her hands full at her new post in Gold Landing cave-ins, diphtheria, broken bones and childbirth, not to mention a rich, handsome, but severely flawed hero. She handles all with courage and grace. Banish the dark of a long Alaskan winter with a season of miracles. Enjoy Midnight Sun!

Eileen Charbonneau,
RITA award winning author

Leisure Books April 1999
ISBN 0-8439-4503-6

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