Amanda Harte

North Star
Nominated as Best American Historical of 2000
by the Readers and Reviewers of Affaire de Coeur


In 1853 Buffalo, NY is a city where the American dream can come true, where hard work can make a man wealthy. The future is filled with promise for the thousands of immigrants who swell the population as well as for hundreds of runaway slaves who've followed the North Star to freedom. But for Beth Simmons and Andrew Muller, yesterday's painful legacies must be overcome before they can reach for tomorrow.

They call Andrew the Ice Doctor, a man who’s as cold as Lake Erie on a winter day. Ice is fine with Beth. She doesn’t need a man of fire. Far from it, for she’s seen what men like that can do. What she needs is exactly what Andrew is: the only physician in all of New York State who’ll be able to restore her daughter’s hearing.
Beth will do almost anything to help Dora -- even agreeing to serve as the Ice Doctor’s housekeeper to pay for Dora’s treatments. The one thing she won’t do is reveal her secrets. But, unbeknownst to Beth, Andrew has some secrets of his own. And unbeknownst to either of them, they both have enemies who threaten their very existence.

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North Star is a well-written and intelligent read, with a depth and richness that is extremely satisfying. All in all, North Star is a moving story with well developed characters and plot lines, which will entertain and please the romance reader with its depth and substance. I look forward to reading many more novels by Amanda Harte.

Yvonne Roberts for Romance Communications

This romance is a stunning tale of abuse and the consequences that result from it, both physical and mental. The author, Amanda Harte, deals with this age-old problem with tenderness and understanding while throwing in precious moments of humor. A story you won’t want to put down once you start reading it. A real five-star!

Lani Roberts for Affaire de Coeur

Incredible writer that she is, (Amanda Harte) tells the most heartwarming, most gentle story, but … what a powerful story Ms. Harte creates. SPLENDID! 4 ½ bells!!

Donita Lawrence for Bell, Book and Candle

North Star is an excellent historical romance that centers on the impact of physical and mental abuse even after the tormentor is gone. Defusing the gravity of the story line with well placed humor, Amanda Harte provides fans with a heart-wrenching love story tied to a social issue that still remains a major problem today.

Harriet Klausner for Painted Rock Reviews

Leisure Books September 2000
ISBN 0-8439-4764-0

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