Amanda Harte

Painted Ponies, The First Hidden Falls Romance


Her face forever changed by a tragic fire, Anne Moreland returns to her hometown of Hidden Falls, hoping to resume her old life.  But nothing is the same. Her brother is gone; his nemesis is back in town; and the man who meets her train is a stranger, a handsome stranger who’s carving the most incredible carousel horses. He’s a man who loves beauty and adventure, absolutely the wrong man for a scarred woman who is building a new life for herself in Hidden Falls. No matter how wonderful he is, it would be foolish to dream of a future with Rob.

Rob Ludlow will never settle down, at least not until he’s resolved the mystery from his past. And when he does settle down, no matter how much he might wish otherwise, it will not be with a woman like Anne. She deserves far better than an itinerant carousel carver. She deserves a man who can give her all the luxuries she had before the fire. Yet, oh! how it hurts to see her being courted by the wealthiest man in town.

Anne and Rob reconcile themselves to the fact that they will be friends, nothing more. But sometimes Fate has other ideas, and love blossoms in the most unexpected places.

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Those readers familiar with author Amanda Harte … will not be surprised by how well she captures the time and feel of a small American town and its residents during the early 20th century. The characters are well defined and perfectly realistic as they follow the social mores of the day.

Painted Ponies is very much a story of love’s healing power that pulls people in with its tenderness and the appeal of Anne and Rob, two sympathetic characters who display kindness, determination and an enormous capacity to love.

Readers come away satisfied from Painted Ponies, caring about the characters and looking forward to a return visit to Hidden Falls.

Sandra Brill for Romance Reviews Today

If you long to travel back to a time when romance included a carousel ride in soft moonlight or walking hand in hand along wooded paths, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle by your fireplace with Painted Ponies.

Linda M. Adamson
for Colorado Romance Writers

After spending considerable time in Switzerland, where a skilled doctor has done his best to repair her tragically scarred face, Anne Moreland is ready to come back home to Hidden Falls. The only thing Anne didn’t plan for in her new life is romance, but Rob is determined to prove that she deserves love, too.

In a small New York town in the early twentieth century, a beautiful carousel brings two people together as Harte begins her new “Hidden Falls” series with Painted Ponies, a sweet, charming historical romance.

John Charles for Booklist

Avalon Books October 2006
ISBN 0-8034-9796-2

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