Amanda Harte

Rainbows at Midnight


Sam Baranov needs a bride. Though he has long believed that his father disinherited him in favor of his stepbrother, he learns that he'll inherit the estate on his twenty-fifth birthday. There's only one stipulation: Sam needs to be married. Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles. He has only six months to find a bride, there are few eligible women in Gold Landing, Alaska, and winter is coming.

It's a good thing Sam's not interested in the schoolmarm, because Laura Weaver Templeton has no intention of marrying again. Once was quite enough. All that matters are her twin children. As for love that's a fantasy the poets invented.

But sometimes Fate has other plans, and love blooms despite the greatest obstacles.

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It seems that life in this small Alaskan town at the turn of the century is never dull. Rainbows at Midnight is the second of Ms. Harte's novels set in Gold Landing, and it is as exciting and satisfying as its predecessor, Midnight Sun. Rainbows at Midnight is a page-turner, a well-written love story with impeccably crafted descriptions of life in Alaska in the early 1900s. As with all of Harte's books, I finish her stories marveling at her eye for detail and the rich dialogue she creates, which always result in a fine tale that will never disappoint.

Treat yourself to a delightful journey to Alaska, where the days are short and the nights long and filled with passion. Don't miss this one!

Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

Rainbows at Midnight will provide historical romance fans with a pleasurable reading experience due to its strong characters. Sam deals with a deep hurt that makes relationships seem almost impossible for him, while Laura struggles with the demons of her first marriage. The support cast, including a special romance between secondary players, augments the plot by providing insight into early twentieth century Alaska. After reading this delightful novel, the audience will want to try another Amanda Harte early twentieth century Alaskan romance, Midnight Sun.

Harriet Klausner

This is Ms. Harte's second Alaska book and quite as exciting as the first book, Midnight Sun. It's one book you can't put down once you start reading. Amanda Harte knows how to reel in her readers with her cast of compelling characters. She hooks you with the riveting love stories, the hidden secrets, the power of hatred and love and redemption. Wow, this is a great read set on the Alaskan frontier. Don't miss it!

Suzanne Coleburn for
The Belles and Beaux of Romance

Leisure Books January 2002
ISBN 0-8439-4953-8

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