Amanda Harte

Strangers in the Night


Are you like me, one of the millions of Americans who grew up to the sound of Frank Sinatra's wonderful love songs? If so, I invite you to join me and two of Leisure's top authors for a special collection of stories inspired by Sinatra's songs.

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Strangers in the Night is three spellbinding stories set during and after World War II.  Four Stars

Romantic Times

These stories will go right to your heart.

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I have long wondered when authors, editors and publishers would discover that the era surrounding World War II is just as romantic (and just as distant and different) as say that of the ever-popular Peninsular War. When I heard that Leisure had put together an anthology with three novellas set during the World War II era, I immediately set out to find it.

My favorite tale was Amanda Harte's "Strangers in the Night," which captured the sometimes forgotten problems that World War II veterans faced in coming to terms with the horrors they had experienced.

"Strangers in the Night" is a sweet story of two people who are instantly attracted to each other, who get to know with other, who fall in love, and who find healing. It provides a nice portrait of small town life in a very different time. I enjoyed it very much.

Jean Mason for The Romance Reader

"Strangers in the Night" was an enjoyable trip to the WWII era. Harte did a masterful job of creating the time period with details about the clothing, jukeboxes and the workings of a law office. Believe me, I felt for Abbie when she pulled out the carbon paper, onion paper and bond to type a simple letter.

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Leisure Books September 2000
ISBN 0-8439-4749-7

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