Amanda Harte

Strings Attached, An Unwanted Legacy Romance


A woman who's just inherited a million dollars shouldn't feel as if she's received a jail sentence, but that's what it seems like to Rachel Fleming. You see, the money comes with some strings attached. In order to inherit, Rachel must spend a year in her grandmother's house with her husband a husband Rachel neither has nor wants.

She would gladly turn down the money, if it weren't for her nephew. But it's literally a matter of life and death. The inheritance will save her nephew's life.

And so Rachel returns to her hometown to find herself a husband. Scott Sanders volunteers for the job, but -- like Rachel's grandmother -- he attaches some strings of his own.

It's a business arrangement, pure and simple. There's no way it can turn into anything more. Or is there?

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Avalon Books February 2000
ISBN 0-8034-9394-0

Thorndike Press (Large Print)
ISBN 0-7862-4095-4

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