Amanda Harte

Silver Thorns


It was a marriage made in let's just say that the pearly gates weren't part of the landscape. He was Richard the Lionheart's most powerful knight, a brilliant strategist who could win every battle save the one for a woman's heart. She was an heiress whose learning was as legendary as her beauty. Unfortunately, though she was well versed in how to run a barony and how to heal her people's ills, Marguerite de Mirail knew nothing of love save the troubadours' tales. And troubadours' tales, as Marguerite was soon to learn, were no preparation at all for dealing with a man like Alain de Jarnac.

Like it or not, they were betrothed, bound to each other by a contract made on the battlefields of the Crusades. When Marguerite and Alain married, it was for all the wrong reasons, leaving each of them resentful of the fate that brought them together. With a beginning like that, there was no way they could find happiness ... or was there?

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Amanda Harte's debut historical romance is a marvelous portrait of 12th century English/French history set against a colorful backdrop.

Romantic Times

Silver Thorns will rekindle romance in your heart! Amanda Harte is a new star on the horizon! Read and enjoy!

Elaine Barbieri, award-winning author

Silver Thorns is a sigh-inspiring adventure set in medieval France. This tale of a brave knight and his lady is what romance is all about. Excellent!

Romance Forever

A thoroughly enjoyable read about knights and ladies in the time of Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine and her Court of Love.

Belles and Beaux of Romance

Ms. Harte brings alive the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard the Lionheart in this pleasing and vibrant tale.

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Pinnacle Books September 1996
ISBN 0-7860-0302-2

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