Amanda Harte

Whistling in the Dark,
Book Two of the War Brides Trilogy


No one’s ever paid much attention to Emily Wentworth, but all that changes in the spring of 1918 when her twin brother is reported missing and presumed killed in what is supposed to be the war to end all wars. Emily’s convinced that Theo is alive and travels to France to find him.

Emily is determined to reach Theo, even if it means allying herself with Grant Randall, a newspaper correspondent who writes beautifully but appears oddly unaffected by the war. Though she cannot understand how any man can be so cold, Emily enlists Grant’s aid, promising to keep his breakdown-prone Model T running if he’ll help her find her brother. For his part, though he’s intrigued by the beautiful woman who’s so skilled at what many would consider a man’s work, Grant knows better than to let himself from care too deeply about Emily’s mission. After all, caring is the road to heartache.

Though each has reservations, they embark on a journey fraught with danger. As they make their way across the war-torn countryside, Grant encourages Emily to keep her fears at bay by whistling in the dark. But Emily realizes Grant has fears of his own, fears that threaten both his happiness and hers, and no amount of whistling can overcome them.

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Whistling in the Dark is set during World War I, or the war to end all wars. The use of this time period is not at all common and I find it quite refreshing…. Ms. Harte provides plenty of detail to make the landscape of France come to life… For her time (Emily) is a most unusual young woman. Her independence, determination and talents are characteristic of women today. These traits, coupled with her upbeat, optimistic outlook on life, are what Grant finds so irresistible. He, on the other hand, is wary, a bit cynical and a loner. But he still manages to convey a certain vulnerability that is appealing to readers. Together, Grant and Emily complement each other nicely.

For a quick, light-hearted romance, I recommend Whistling in the Dark

Sandra Brill for Romance Reviews Today

Amanda Harte’s second book in her “War Brides Trilogy” is a pleasure to read with its strong characters and compelling story.  Emily is a woman who makes no excuses for her mechanical skill at a time when women were praised for their domestic qualities.  She is who she is, for better or worse.  Grant is emotionally scarred, and that’s where his strength comes from. … Both Emily and Grant learn from each other, growing and learning to love.  Their story resonates with reality, enabling the reader to feel for them and root for them.

Lea Moyer for Affaire de Coeur

The second entry in Harte's World War I "War Brides Trilogy," this sweet romance takes auto mechanic-turned-ambulance driver Emily Wentworth from Texas to France in search of her twin brother Theo, who has been declared missing. … She ends up accompanying crack war correspondent Grant Randall (whose Model-T needs constant care) across the devastated countryside in a dangerous journey to find him.

Employing a seldom used but nicely handled setting, this gentle, heartwarming romance features likable characters and a nice sense of place and will appeal to readers who like their historicals short, sweet and series-linked.

Kristin Ramsdell for Library Journal

A second Wentworth sister finds romance in war-torn France as Harte continues her captivating World War I War Brides series with this pleasantly romantic story of two people who discover love is possible even in the darkest of times.

John Charles for Booklist

Avalon Books February 2004
ISBN 0-8034-9636-2

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