Amanda Harte

Winter Wonderland


What happens when a woman from Wyoming decides to do her Christmas shopping in Manhattan? If you guessed that she falls in love, you just might be right.

Join me and three of Leisure's top authors for a holiday anthology with a special musical theme.

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This anthology is a great read with four stories by four superb writers. Every story is full of life, love and hope. These four authors know how to pen a wonderful romantic story.

In "Silver Bells" by Amanda Harte a woman travels to New York with her daughter never dreaming she would run into the man who was her first and only true love. A story of love and romantic notions of second chances and miracles that happen at Christmastime.

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Winter Wonderland is just the book to spread tons of holiday cheer. Four Stars

Romantic Times

Leisure Books November 1999
ISBN 0-505-52339-6

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