April Kihlstrom

          Spies, danger, uncoventional women and their most conventional suitors, love and happily ever after: what do all these have to do with a Master's Degree in Operations Research? And why would anyone choose to spend so much time writing about the Regency (Jane Austen) time period?

Life rarely goes the way one wants so perhaps it's not such a surprise that I traded in a career in operations research to write romance novels when my son was born with down syndrome. Now 31 novels later, I am still happy with that change. I also hope and believe that I am still growing and changing as a writer. 

As a feminist, I really like pairing up honorable men and women and watching them work out their differences. I believe it is one of the most interesting and important challenges that face real men and women today: How to come together in ways that empower one another rather than diminish either. I also find the Regency time period (1811-1820) fascinating because it was a time of change socially, politically, and economically—much like our own time period today.


I also enjoy public speaking and giving workshops—particularly about writing.  Many of you know about my Book In A Week workshop and recently I’ve added a number of other workshops including 10, 20, 30 Minutes to Write (handout notes posted on this website at Workshop Handouts).  I hope the ideas from my writing workshops encourage writers to write better and faster than they ever have before—and to have fun while doing so!   And the other workshops are geared to help anyone through life changes or simply challenging times in their lives.


In addition, I now offer personal coaching—specializing in writing and public speaking.  It is gratifying to me to be able to share with others the things I have learned over the years and to watch clients achieve goals they had not been sure were possible.


My hobbies include sewing, knitting, needlepoint, hiking, swimming—and, of course, reading.  Life rarely is calm around my household but I believe that how we deal with the challenges life throws at us matters as much as what life throws at us. 


I believe in positive thinking—perhaps to a fault.  I've seen things happen that I, or others, had been told were impossible.  Good things.  I've seen people who faced what seemed like the darkest time in their life and have it suddenly turn around.  Often what made the difference was having positive support and thinking and energy.  I know that positive thinking can't overcome every barrier/challenge we face in life, but it *always* affects what the experience does or means to us.  


It's very tough to write--or do anything!--when we're scared.  But if we can take that leap of faith to do what it is we want to do—and know that we have a network of friends to catch us if we fall—then we can accomplish far more than maybe we once thought possible.

I hope that my characters and the stories I tell reflect my belief in the importance of living our lives with honor and of following our dreams.  And my belief that it is possible—for every one of us. 

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