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My Philosophy:  Regardless of our past experiences, we CAN create the lives we want to have.  Change equals opportunity and we have the power within us to rise above any challenge to become the people we want to be.


Areas of Specialization: 




Life Coach for Published Authors:  As a published author myself (31 books), I   know the ups and downs and unique challenges of this career.  In addition, I know the challenges life can throw at us and the need to find a way to balance our writing careers with the other demands on our time.

            Among other challenges, I have faced are raising a son with down syndrome, raising an extremely bright daughter and getting her into Stanford University, helping my spouse battle cancer, going through divorce and then relocating on the other side of the country. 

          I understand the courage it takes to make major life transitions and also the strength we have inside to help us do so.


Evaluation of Manuscripts for Unpublished Authors:  I will read your manuscript and give you an honest critique of your strengths and weakness and offer suggestions for how to strengthen your work.  If you then choose to continue to have me work with you, a portion of the fee paid for that evaluation can be applied toward coaching. 


Public Speaking:


General Public Speaking Coach:  See my page on workshops for some of the speaking I have done.  I am a member of Toastmasters (ATM-B) and coach individuals who wish to improve their public speaking skills.  In particular, because I have a background in mathematics (Honors Math, Purdue University) and operations research (MS Cornell University), I understand the challenges of presenting technical material in a way that maximizes effectiveness. 


For Writers:  

¨                        Know how to pitch manuscripts effectively to editors and agents

¨                        Present workshops with ease

¨                        Handle booksignings with aplomb

¨                        Guarantee positive interview with reporters

¨                        Know how to handle an interview and promote your books on television


With more than 20 years of experience doing all of these things, I can show you how to be at ease and effective.  I can help take the fear out of public appearances that are so essential to success these days.



An example of my approach to making changes in our lives:


Two conditions must be met for change to take place.  First, we must clearly know what the change is that we want to make.  Second, we must believe that this change is possible.  Here is one way to see that both those conditions are met.


Create two index cards.  On the first index card, write the following:


1)    List those people in your life who are truly supportive.

2)    List your strengths, the things you are good at.

3)    List some of the things you have accomplished in the past.

4)    List places you like to go where you feel happy when you do and/or find inspiration.

5)    List the things that make you smile, the things you love to do.


On the second index card, write the following:


Index Card #2:

1)       List one thing would you like to change in your life

2)       List the people in your life who could help you make this change.

3)       List the strengths you have that guarantee you can make this change.

4)       List one step could you take today or tomorrow toward that making change.

5)       List all the ways that your life will be better when you make this change.


Now, carry these two cards with you everywhere you go, for at least the next 3 weeks.  Several times a day take out the first card and remind yourself of all the good things in your life. You are reinforcing your belief that you can succeed, you can be happy, you can make changes in your life.  Then, when you are feeling good about yourself, take out the second card and remind yourself of the change you want to make and how and why you can do so.  Add to your answers as you think of new strengths, new resources, new steps to take, and new reasons to want to make this change. 



An example of my approach to public speaking:


Five Tips to Effective Public Speaking


1)    Remember the audience wants you to succeed.  Unless you do something which specifically alienates the audience, they want you to succeed—they are on your side. 

2)    Before you begin, take a deep breath and smile.  This helps to calm you down, gives you a moment to focus on the faces in the room, slows your speech patterns—and makes you look more comfortable and in control.

3)    Wear something familiar that makes you feel good.  You don’t want to be thinking about appearance while you are speaking.  You want to be able to focus on your speech!

4)    Practice!  Nothing will improve your skill at public speaking more than practice.  Use a tape      recorder to hear how you sound.  A videotape will give you even more information and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

5)    Know your audience.  Within the first few moments of your speech give them a reason to bond with you and show them how what you have to say is of interest to them personally.

6)    Pretend you are talking to friends in your living room.  No, don’t imagine them naked.  Either the image will be too repulsive or too distracting!  Picture instead that you are explaining something to friends.

Okay, that’s six tips.  Tip #7 is: Always give more value than your audience expects!


I can be reached via email at either: April Kihlstrom or at April Kihlstrom 2.   Note:  I give two email addresses because I know that email is not always reliable.  If you email me and do not get a reply, please try the alternative email address—PLEASE do NOT assume that I am ignoring you!  



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