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Set in a near future Chicago, Queen Mab Courtesy is part adventure, part mystery, part coming of age story. Tito Guzman is a ‘Denver Dwarf’ - victim of exposure to a biological terrorist attack while in the womb. He’s on the street and on the run from the Welfare Authority and the COPS, the Computer Operated Patrol System that enforces public safety and normality. He meets Charlie, a Shakespeare quoting street vendor who is more than he seems. Together they stumble into a wide ranging conspiracy involving illegal clones and Tito’s long missing father. To save himself, Tito must first learn the meaning of loyalty and family.

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“War isn’t about meaning. It’s about nasty little fights where men get killed and all that matters is who survives.”

The war with the Rilz is pushing humanity to its limits and Intruder pilot Lt. Alan 'Mac' McAllister and his flying partner 'Ivan' Ivchenko are in the thick of the fighting. Battling the Lizards is bad enough, but fighting a planet full of rebel humans tests their friendship and Mac's integrity as a Naval pilot. But the biggest test for Mac is maintaining his own sanity in the face of a creeping dependence on the electronic link that allows him to fly the most advanced combat spacecraft ever devised. When a vicious counter attack by the Rilz places the lives of his ex-wife and her new family in harms way, he must set aside that which is still human within him in a final showdown with mankind's most implacable enemy.

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