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What if dying depended on correcting a critical timestream event one unintentionally altered? It's World War I and Kurt Wolff, one of the Kaiser's infantrymen,  saves the life of an old comrade ...

"Alte Kameraden," originally appearing in Asimov's SF, was nominated for a Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

Fantasy Novelette
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

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Infantryman Jere Suiter awakened in a chair in a space station and the medical officer was saying, "At any point in time you are who you are and you are where you are."

Jere had the man on that point, however. If there was anything Jere Suiter knew, it was that he wasn't who he was and he certainly wasn't where he was.

Science Fiction Novelette
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


During the ceremonies the tribe appointed a storyteller to entertain the children too young to participate in the ceremonies. The storytteller began with a girl named Butterfly who wanted to be almost anyone other than herself.

The Stardancer stories have been called "Children's stories for adults,"  altough they are suited for children. "Butterfly" is the first of the stories. "Windrunner and the Changa" below is the second.

Fantasy Short Story
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


A circus starship stranded it's troupe on a distant planet in an unknown star system where, without an audience, the members of this unique social seed made do, survived, and begat. Discovered two centuries later where it has become the focus of warring galactic powers, human Earth ambassador Lord Ashly Allenby is charged with bringing the Planet Momus into the Quadrant against the Warlords of the Tenth. The only problem is, unless he can develop an act worth watching, he can't get anyone to listen to his important message.

Science Fiction Collection. First book of the Circus World Trilogy, followed by City of Baraboo, and Elephant Song.
Authors Guild Print Edition, 196 Pages


O'Hara's Greater Shows was a broken down road circus in a world that had neither room nor time for excellence and discipline beneath a bigtop.   To save his show, John J. O'Hara and his troupe took the circus on the star road to play before alien audiences eager, in their own peculiar ways, to follow the red wagons. Their ship was named after the Big One's old wintering  grounds in Wisconsin:  City of Baraboo.

Science Fiction Episodic Novel. Second book of the Circus World Trilogy. The remaining two works are Circus World and Elephant Song.
Authors Guild Print Edition, 228 Pages


A collection of stories inspired mostly by nightmares and whatever they call nightmares that take place during the day. There are some rough tales in this offering, a few things that might edge you out of your comfort zone while at the same time turning on a smile or an unwanted but perhaps useful light.

Contains Locus Award Nominees: "Chimaera" and "The Death Addict"

Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Collection
Enchanteds Print Edition, 337 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition



After the original Momus stories were published, readers wrote in wanting to know the story of the original circus, O'Hara's Greater Shows, that had been stranded on that world they named Momus.  Hence, Barry wrote City of Baraboo.  Shortly after it was published, readers again urged Barry to fill in the time gap between the two works.  What happened to the show immediately after the crash?  Barry Longyear tells the story in Elephant Song through the eyes of a special guild: The bullhands and their descendants.

Science Fiction Novel. Conclusion to the Circus World Trilogy (Circus World & City of Baraboo)
Authors Guild Print Edition, 240 Pages


The Nebula and Hugo Award winner that inspired the 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett, Jr.

The story of a man, incomplete in himself, taught to be a human by his sworn enemy, an alien being who leaves with the human its most important possession: its future.

Winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards for Best Science Fiction Novella, 1979.

Authors Guild Print Edition, 90 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

A story of war, peace, and honor told by a bible, by a man, by a woman, and by a Drac

The eleven thousand year saga of the Dracs from the Myth of Aakva to the quest for peace of an alien terrorist named Yazi Ro, and of the humans who became part of the legend. 

The work contains three complete Novels: an expanded Enemy Mine, The Tomorrow Testament, and The Last Enemy, as well as substantial fragments of  The Talman, and essays on the story of Enemy Mine and troubles on building an alien language.

Science Fiction Enemy Mine Series Omnibus
Authors Guild Print Edition, 658 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


"It costs nothing and everything. You must invest no coin, but you will hand over much of what you are."
—Korvas in THE GOD BOX

In the in the exotic city of Iskandar, a somewhat dishonest carpet merchant in the bazaar named Korvas, on the run from the King's Guard for selling phony flying carpets, inherits a strange little box in the shape of a cask with four drawers. The magic in this box is that it will always give Korvas anything he needs, which is not necessarily what he wants, although at times the box will give him what he wants just to show him he didn't need it —which is what he needed at the time. A strange, humorous and lusty, and at times profound spiritual journey.

Fantasy Novel
Authors Guild Print Edition, 235 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

THE HANGMAN'S SON              ~Joe Torio Mystery #1~

When Major Crimes Unit Commander Al Dockery finds himself dealing with three seemingly unrelated series of killings at the same time, he calls his invalided former partner, Joe Torio, out of therapy. Sgt. Torio may be just as crazy as the killers Dock needs to stop, but Joe Torio's brand of crazy catches killers. The trick in this case is not to lose Joe in the process.

Other mysteries in the Joe Torio Series: Just Enough Rope (#2), and the three-volume Rope Paper Scissors (#3).

Mystery Novel
Enchanteds Print Edition, 414 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


Inhabitants from Earth seventy million years ago return in the present to reclaim their planet. In that time, however, another race has evolved who consider the planet theirs. Carl Baxter, advertising man and Air Force reserve pilot, seems to be the closest thing the US government can come up with in the way of a flying diplomat to negotiate with the homecomers on behalf of humanity. 

Now, if only Baxter could only find his other sock . . . .

Science Fiction Novel
Authors Guild Print Edition, 139 Pages

INFINITY HOLD  Book One of the Infinity Hold Trilogy

They found a planet no one wanted in a place almost impossible to. There they created an unsupervised gravity well for human debris: political activists, terrorists, the criminally insane, and the insanely criminal.  It was a dump in the middle of a lethal desert with no support facilities, no confinement authority, no control, or law.  They named the planet after the deepest of Hell's hells: Tartaros.  This is the story of a man and murderer, Bando Nicos, who was condemned to Tartaros and became the planet's first police officer.

See Infinity Hold for the complete Infinity Hold Trilogy and save!

Science Fiction Novel
Authors Guild Print Edition, 288 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

INFINITY HOLD3  The complete Infinity Hold Trilogy, including:
Infinity Hold  -  Kill All The Lawyers  -  Keep The Law
as well as an inroduction by the author

Condemned to a gravity well light years away too savage to call a penal planet, the murderers, terrorists, and criminally insane dumped on Tartaros put together a law that kept them from each others' throats. They used the law to reach a kind of safety and eventually took on the future for a mission.  The story is from the perspective of murderer Bando Nicos who became the planet's first police officer. Includes Author's Introduction.

Science Fiction Omnibus
Authors Guild Print Edition, 740 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

NOTE: The Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million links go to title Infinity Hold
but the book being sold is Infinity Hold3.


So, where do you get your ideas?

Harlan Ellison's answer to the question above was: "A post office box in Schenectady. You send in two dollars and a self-addressed stamped envelope and they send you back an idea."

So-o-o-o . . . here is a collection of some of Barry Longyear's early short fiction published in such magazines as Analog, Asimov's SF, and Omni, each selection preceded by a brief description of the ideas that went into the story.

Science Fiction Short Story Collection 
Authors Guild Edition, 346 Pages


After he was murdered, the London Metro detective's engrams were copied into a replacement meat suit resembling Basil Rathbone.  Transferred to the ABC Division's Devon office in Exeter, his new boss is a dead ringer for John Dillinger. Then he gets a duck for a partner, and did I mention he's married to a cat?

Meet the amdroid (animal android) members of ABC's Devon office in their struggle to be recognized as a legitimate branch of the nation's criminal investigation community. The early cases of Detective Inspector Harrington Jaggers and Detective Sergeant Guy Shad. Did I mention the duck once did television commercials for an insurance company?  Includes the Analog AnLab award winning "The Good Kill" and "Murder In Parliament Street."  Forward by H.R.H. Queen Mehitabel.

Science Fiction Mystery Casebook
Enchanteds Print Edition, 391 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

JUST ENOUGH ROPE         ~Joe Torio Mystery #2~

Det. Sgt. Joe Torio is committed to a mental hospital for violent offenders to try to shake the frame being fitted on a convicted serial killer for a murder the killer couldn't have done. While there, Joe learns that at least two different persons at that hospital, for unrelated reasons, are also trying to kill him. In this world, however, murder is mostly considered a treatment setback, and the only one who really believes Joe is a cop thinks he is Inspector Javert hot on the trail of Victor Hugo's Jean Valjean.

Other mysteries in the Joe Torio Series: The Hangman's Son (#1) and the three volume Rope Paper Scissors (#3)
Mystery Novel

Enchanteds Print Edition, 300 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


KEEP THE LAW  Conclusion of the Infinity Hold Trilogy

The continuing adventures and trials of Chief Bando Nicos and his band of officers as the Razai get off the desert and find that the descendents of convicts who made it off the desert before them rule the lakes, mountains, and grasses. Anyone refusing to submit to this tyranny is killed. "That," say the Razai, "is against The Law." 

Included in both print and Kindle editions of Infinity Hold3

Enchanted Kindle Edition

KILL ALL THE LAWYERS  Book Two of the Infinity Hold Trilogy

If a victim of a crime calls to a third party for help, and the help is refused, well that's wrong. The Law says so. So when the slaves of a very powerful gang ask the Razai for help, then help they must. But on Tartaros there are entire continents being oppressed by brutal gang rule. "We help," say the Razai. "The Law says so."

Included in both print and Kindle editions of Infinity Hold3

Enchanted Kindle Edition


Born into a world locked into never ending war with humans, Yazi Ro, a desperate Drac terrorist, seeks a master of paths who is held to be both traitorous and insane in a quest for the impossible: Peace. Ro's search leads to strange worlds, stranger beings, an even stranger school, and back to Ro's greatest nightmare.

The concluding story in the Enemy Mine Trilogy. This work is available by itself only as a Kindle. At present the only print version is in The Enemy Papers omnibus.

Science Fiction Novel
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


First contact is not quite as important as the subsequent contacts.
Human-alien relations in four related novellas.
Includes "The Jaren," the original award winning "Enemy Mine," "Savage Planet," and "USE Force."

Themed Science Fiction Collection
Authors Guild Edition, 256 Pages


 It is a world in which one is born into the military and to participate in private enterprise one must enlist in the economy.  Naked Came The Robot chronicles the adventures of young Cadet Sergeant Henry Fleming as he and some members of his military school class, in a patriotic fervor, enlist in the armies of capitalism to make war upon the Interstellar Sprocket Conspiracy. With sincerest apologies to Stephen Crane, this work could have been titled: The Green Badge of Courage.

Satiric Science Fiction Novel
Authors Guild Edition, 228 Pages

From Enchanteds   ~   Joe Torio Mystery #3: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, a mystery novel in three volumes.                         NEW

ROPE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
~~~Book One of ROPE PAPER SCISSORS  A Joe Torio Mystery in Three Volumes

Back in 2000 a man and a woman —wealthy, healthy, happily married, many plans for the future, anticipating the birth of their first grandchild— commit suicide. A decade later their daughter wants Joe Torio to find out why. Then hours later, on Halloween night, the most brilliant and well adjusted cadet Soldier Heights Military Academy ever saw apparently blew off his very hot date and, all alone in his barracks room, filled himself with cocaine, strangled himself with his own officer's sash, and died. The current owner of the school, Julia Powers, wants Joe Torio to find out why. Having had his badge taken from him, Joe sees what he can do sort of undercover as a high school English teacher.

Joe Torio Mystery #3 (1 of 3)
Enchanteds Print Edition, 360 Pages

Enchanteds Kindle Edition

 PAPER <<<<<<<<<<<<<
A Joe Torio Mystery in Three Volumes

In the second volume of Rope Paper Scissors, Joe is pondering the number of persons wishing him ill. The Battaglia family, the suspect in the Corse murders, the suspects in the Rafi Muhammad murder, Leroy Brown's son, two members of the school faculty, a police sergeant, and the South River Chief of Police all want Joe Torio dead.

"You're not going to believe this," Joe said to Julia, "but I really don't go out of my way to piss off people."
Julia gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose and said, "That's why we call you The Natural."

Joe Torio Mystery #3 (2 of 3)
Enchanteds Print Edition, 364 Pages

Enchanteds Kindle Edition

  SCISSORS <<<<<<<<<<
A Joe Torio Mystery in Three Volumes

The explosive conclusion to Rope Paper Scissors in which bombs, guns, murder, corruption, sex, national security, ghosts, terrorism, organized crime, vandalism, violence, religion, pork chops, pasta, the Second Amendment, ROTC, sexual orientation, politics, matrimony, death, competance, honor, preposition placement, balls, sanity, strawberry ice cream, and "The March of the Space Cadets" arrive at a nexus that seems to resolve most of the major conflicts. I'm not really sure. It's a long story, after all, which is why it took three volumes to tell it.

Joe Torio Mystery #3 (3 of 3)
Enchanteds Print Edition, 385 Pages

Enchanteds Kindle Edition

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What do you do when your work is designing worlds and you don't have a clue about what planet you live on?
Drug Rehab: The stats suck: One third makes it the first time around, one third will have to try again, one third is already dead. It just takes awhile for them to lie down. Take a peek at a path out of the nightmare and those attempting to struggle down it.

"The thing that makes Saint Mary Blue fiction real was researching it the hard way; The only thing that makes it fiction was a need to protect anonymity." ~~~Barry B. Longyear

~~~By the author of Yesterday's Tomorrow: Recovery Meditations For Hard Cases

Check out Barry's Recovery blog: LIFE SUCKS BETTER CLEAN
A Novel of Recovery
Authors Guild Edition,
494 Pages

An Introduction To Fiction Mechanics

"After I had been publishing stories for about a year, award-winning editor George Scithers suggested I write a how-to on writing. He said to me, 'Write the book you were looking for when you first started writing.'  I hadn't been looking for works on art, ideas, or science. What I needed to know were what a story was, how it worked, and how to build one. When I first began writing, Science-Fiction Writer's Workshop-I is the how-to book I was looking for" ~~~Barry B. Longyear, author of The Write Stuff.

Writing Instruction How-To
Authors Guild Edition, 170 Pages


Half the world is starving and the other half is prosperous within strict environmental and social limitations, the future of civilization itself in the balance. Enter Thomas Windom, illegal immigrant by birth, whose entire life is in preparation for a single decision he must make for the human race.

Science Fiction Novel
Authors Guild Edition, 388 Pages


Behold a world in which women's ancient inability to speak or sing is the mark not only of their inferiority and subjugation but is like the fire from the skies: a punishment for Magda's betrayal.  It was the way of things for centuries until a woman from an important man's harem awakened as her daughter was birthed and she heard her daughter cry.

Science Fiction Novella
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


~~~Second book of the Enemy Mine Trilogy, fitting between Enemy Mine and The Last Enemy.

The Tomorrow Testament is the story of Major Joanne Nicole, a USE Force intelligence officer who became a warrior to disappear from herself. Captured by enemy aliens she enters darkness to discover the real enemy and there finds what she must do to bring peace to a galaxy and to herself.

The full Enemy Mine Trilogy  is available in The Enemy Papers.

Science Fiction Novel
Authors Guild Edition, 212 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

~~~Recovery Meditations For Hard Cases

A little tired of those program meditation books with the "everything's perfect in my life" goody two shoes attitude? Yesterday's Tomorrow is for those hard case individuals who need a chuckle, a bit of grit beneath their wheels, or an occasional kick in the ass to make it up that next hill. It is a collection of hard case tales told by another hard case who has been there and then some.

By the author of Saint Mary Blue
Check out Barry's recovery blog: LIFE SUCKS BETTER CLEAN
Hazelden Editions, 384 Pages.


One of the Stardancer campfire tales, which have been described as "children's stories for adults." The Stardancer is a kind of shaman who conducts storytelling ceremonies for the tribe's children that last for days and nights at a time. The Stardancer is also a bit of a magician able to send the listener into the story settings and character and off onto other worlds whose creatures face the same challenges of honor and courage as the warriors of this world.

"Windrunner and the Changa" is a rite of passage tale about a boy on an ice world where to become an adult he must face and conquer the biggest, fiercest, most horrible monster there ever was: The Changa.

The first of the Stardancer campfire tales is "Butterfly and the Witch Boy."

Fantasy Short Story
Enchanteds Kindle Edition


Based on Barry B. Longyear's online writing seminar, The Write Stuff takes you from what not to do through the maze of decisions and practices of fiction writing as a profession and as an art.  By the author of Science-Fiction Writer's Workshop-I.

Part I: Finding Your Stories.  Part II: Generating Ideas. Part III: What is a Story?  Part IV: The Research.
Part V: The Writing. Part VI: The Rewriting.  Part VII: The Paint Box (Stuff you should've learned in high school, and decisions on English useage you need to make for yourself).
~~~The object of it all: "To enable you to write the best stories of which you are capable."
Warning: This is not an easy-read, go-do feel-good book. To write the best stories of which you are capable will require time, effort, and discipline. If you are serious about writing as an art and are ready to go to work, this is for you.

Writing Instruction How-To
Enchanteds Print Edition, 615 Pages
Enchanteds Kindle Edition

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