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The books on this page are all works-for-hire, which means that we have no say in keeping these works in print.  The online bookseller links take you to the used book options whenever they are available.

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Considerably different than the original novella, this version follows the plot of the motion picture. This work was co-authored with David Gerrold.

Movie Tie-in
Mass Market Paperback
Charter Books
218 Pages

Considerably different than the unperformed screenplay the author was handed, the story faithfully follows the "bible" supplied by  Pocket Books, which apparently was compiled by someone who never watched the show. That's right, fans. According to the bible, his alien name is "Nicto."

TV Tie-in
Mass Market Paperback
Pocket Books
309 Pages

This was an original AN novel, and  I like it.

TV Tie-in
Mass Market Paperback
Pocket Books
306 Pages