Where the frick is Brian A. Hopkins?!?!?


Now, wouldn't that be good to know! But, wait, you're in luck! Some of his friends (and enemies!) got together, shot him with a tranquilizer dart ala Marlin Perkins, and while he was unconscious we hung one of those critter tags from his ear. From now on, whenever he's off on one of his adventures, we can track the little peckerhead in near real-time as the critter tag pings a satellite every 15 minutes. This way, it's kinda like BAH Reality TV ... and we can convince ourselves, by watching Brian's adventures, that we too have a life. Best thing: we can do all this from our comfy sofas!


You follow his adventures via Google Maps, as shown in the image below. First, you will need to get a password from Brian hisowndamnself by sending him an email requesting it (this is to prevent law enforcement agencies from setting up speed traps, since he gets enough speeding tickets as it is!), then you can click the image below. It's just that simple.



Note that if he's not off on an adventure, then there's nothing here to see. What's the best way to know if he's on the road? Follow him on Facebook, of course. Remember that contents may have settled during shipping. And avoid where stalking is prohibited by law.


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