Tell Me a Story:
The Saga of the Turtle Knight

by Brian A. Hopkins

A unique fantasy: knights on turtles, squirrels and cats playing Scrabble, a princess with a closet full of old cheerleader outfits, and much, much more.  This one's a departure, even for Hopkins!


"Weaving tales within tales, and hinting at many others, Hopkins has composed a classical fairy tale that engages and enchants." -- from a review by Garrett Peck

"...this fantasy novelette is, by turns, romantic, funny, sly, and, ultimately, constitutes its own commentary on the art of storytelling ... The supporting cast is wonderful, doing their collective best to steal the show ... The critters are quite entertaining ... The deliberately fractured time sense of the tale, even down to the concluding lyric borrowed from Sting, amuses rather than distracts.  One can say the same for the story as a whole." -- from a review by Edward Bryant in Locus magazine.

"...this story of hopeful, tragic love and loyalty may work for younger audiences as well, but it most certainly aims for adult sensibilities ... full of visual charm, yet it manages to raise questions about love and loyalty in thoroughly literary ways ... This is the sort of unclassifiable work one expects from a talented writer whose excuse for writing is not to sell to a market, but to explore the human condition in ways he perhaps hasn't yet attempted or in ways that lend themselves to multiple readings so as to better gauge each level of meaning.  Brian A. Hopkins displays confidence in his well-honed narrative skills, allowing himself the risk of the misunderstood to bring together a story which, while distinctly humorous, is also distinctly sad.  Like his recent El Dia de los Muertos, but perhaps more subtly, the Saga of the Turtle Knight tugs at emotions rarely exercised in horror and that makes everyone who experiences it a little richer..."  -- from a review by William D. Gagliani in Chizine

"This is a fairy tale for our age ... a story for our time.  Everyone will find a part of themselves in the characters.  Hopkins continues to amaze me with his ability to adapt and expand his horizons with his writings."  -- from a review by Barry Hunter, Baryon Magazine #90

"This is a perfect coffee-break book.  Enchanting and completely riveting."  -- from a review by Lesley Mazey, Eternal Night Science Fiction

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