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Reintroducing The Antho-Matic! Reintroducing The Antho-Matic
by Brian Plante

Back in 1995 I introduced the original Antho-Matic, providing a manual method for naming genre fiction anthologies. Back then, you had to pick a phrase from Column A and match it with a phrase from Column B, producing the title of an anthology that was sure to be a hit. It was okay for its time, but I promised one day I'd make it work as a software program.

Well, the new millennium has rolled around and we're at that magical year (for science fiction fans, anyway) of 2001, and the great masses of you reading these articles have demanded I produce the promised working version of the Antho-Matic. I mean, who could deal with all that manual labor, picking words from the columns by hand? In this brave new world, anthology titles should rain from the sky at the click of a button, right? Now it is so!

But that's not all! In addition to creating a precision bit of coding that will spew out anthology titles on demand, I have updated the lists of possible phrases for the new milennium, producing up-to-the-minute modern-sounding titles that will amaze you with their creativity and appropriateness. Is that a word, "appropriateness"? Hey, maybe I can use that in the Antho-Matic. Yeah.

Okay, I don't want to bore you with any more details. You probably want to start clicking away and producing new titles for sure-to-be-a-hit anthologies. All you editors out there, have at it! And don't forget, when you're buying stories for your prestigious collection, your friend Brian Plante provided you with this invaluable tool. That's Brian Plante. The "e" is silent. Look for me in your slush pile. Please.

Copyright © 2001 Brian Plante


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