Wake up, Polly Parrot.


Not Worth Fixing

Illustration for "Not Worth Fixing" Writers of the Future Vol. XI (Jun '95).

The story marked a turning point for my writing. Besides the considerable money involved with the Writers Of the Future contest, there was a free trip to a writing workshop where I met the other writers and received practical advice from instructors Dave Wolverton and Algis Budrys. I took my writing hobby a bit more seriously after that.

The illustration at the left was done by Steve Munsinger for the Writers Of The Future anthology, and it fits the story perfectly. I met Steve at the WotF workshop (it's also a workshop for the Illustrators Of The Future) and in addition to to his artistic talent, he's a nice guy. I used to have a link to his website here, but it's currently missing in action. Steve, if you're out there drop me a line so I can let everyone know where to see more of your work.


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