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Attack Of The 50-Foot Blog
by Brian Plante

If you've been reading these pages, you know I've already had a kinda-sorta experience with writing a blog -- The Chronicles of the Garden Variety Writers. If you haven't read that already, you really should. Some folks have told me it's funny, and more worthy of your time than most of the other things you'll see here.

Earlier this month, though, I started a more "traditional" blog, which I'm calling Brain Planet Days for now. Perhaps I'll come up with a more clever title, involving yet another anagram of my name. I Plan Banter?

So, what's the point of a blog, if I'm already doing these monthly columns? What's the point of a blog, even if I weren't doing the columns? What's the difference between the two, and will I continue writing both?

Hey, why am I asking you all the questions? You're probably here for answers. Or opinions. Or . . . what are you here for, anyway? Well, maybe that's what a blog is better at than these columns. The blog gives you more of a chance to talk back to me on whatever topic I've gone off on. The monthly columns, on the other hand, are more like little lectures.

The blog will be a bit more personal than the columns, I think. There will be a lot of entries on reading and writing, and there's bound to be a lot of overlap with the monthly columns, but overall, the blog will contain shorter chunks, without going into the same level of detail that a column might. There will also be entries in the blog that don't relate at all to the writing process, if there's something I just want to get off my chest. Perhaps my personality, if I have one, will show up a bit more clearly over time in the blog entries.

I realize that a monthly column and a daily blog is probably much more non-fiction from me than most rational people really want to read. No, I'm not one of those self-centered types who thinks the world is fascinated with his grand self. And I'm not such a compulsive writer that I can't stop myself from pounding out paragraphs (hypergraphia, a word I just learned from NPR recently). The blog is a sort of warm-up exercise, to make me sit in front of the computer and start tapping out words. My hope is, after I'm finished with the blog for the day, that I'll continue typing away at my fiction. That said, it's really not necessary if the blog builds up a big readership or not. I'll get the same benefit -- the writer's warm-up ritual -- even if I'm the only one who reads it.

I will try to keep it interesting, though. Some of it will be intelligent (well, as intelligent as I can make it) and some of it will be downright stupid, depending on my state of mind. I read other blogs occasionally and most of them are terrible. A precious few of them are quite amazing. This one will be somewhere in between.

And the monthly columns will continue, for now. Usually they'll have something more important and entertaining to say than this one. See, I told you to read the Chronicles instead.

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