Wake up, Polly Parrot.



Here are a few stories for you to read. For free. Hey, people normally pay me money for this sort of thing! If you like what you see here, check my Bibliography to find out where the rest of my stories are appearing. I hope you enjoy them.

"Not Worth Fixing" -- My award winning story, from Writers of the Future Vol. XI. Also reprinted in the anthology Between The Darkness And The Fire edited by Jeffry Dwight (Aug '98). Click here to see an illustration and some comments about this story.

"Touched" -- This science fiction story appeared in a small press anthology, Year One: A Time Of Change . Not a lot of people saw that anthology, so I hope to give this story a bigger audience right here.

"Daddy's Home" -- Here's a very short ghost story that originally appeared in Pirate Writings magazine. Read this one if you don't have much time, but pay attention!

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