Wake up, Polly Parrot.


What's He Look Like?

BrianYep, that's me. There's something odd about this picture. Notice how the eyes seem to follow you around. Your eyelids are growing heavy. You have an urge to return to my home page and click on the "reload" button 100 times to bump up the hit counter. Then you will awaken, feeling happy and refreshed, and not remember any of this.

WotF11This is the Writers Of The Future XI group. Click the picture to see a larger version with a list of who's who.

AnlabAwardClick the picture to see my Anlab award.

BabyBrianPicThat's me -- portrait of the artist as a very young man. Click the picture to see a bigger version.

hair05hair09haor18There's an explanation for these (but not a very good one). Visit the Galaxy Of Hair for more.

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