An archaeological odyssey in western Utah

or, how we spent our summer vacation

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A dig is a way of proving just how crazy some people can be. It's rather like treasure hunting in that you follow a few sketchy clues to where something might be buried. On the other hand, treasure hunters can at least hope to get rich through their labors.

A dig starts with some professor's best guess as to where something of interest might be buried. At his instigation a number of people will arrange for vacation time, pay up to several hundred dollars as their share of the budget and travel out into the middle of nowhere to live for weeks like refugees, all for the dubious privilege of working like ditch diggers.

The craziest part of it all is that it can be a lot of fun.

In August of 1993 we (Brook and Julia) went on an archaeological dig in west-central Utah. This account was originally posted in GEnie's SFRT in Jo Clayton's topic and in the topic Science Fiction Folk Abroad. There's a fair bit of text here, so I've broken it up into chunks. Follow the links below and enjoy.

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|Getting there||Setting the scene||The crew||Surveying the site||tent city||The dig|

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