The Derzhi Empire

Gaspar drank endless cups of nazrheel and told us endless stories of Drafa and its history, of the days when the Derzhi were wandering warriors who would mark themselves with blood and protect the other desert peoples from the invasions of barbarians. "The wild men came looking for our horses and our sheep, our salt and our women," he said, inhaling the stinking fumes of his tea with deep satisfaction. "And they found gold in the mountains. But the warriors chased them away and kept vigil in their wanderings throughout the land. The desert people named the Derzhi tribesmen lords in thanks for their protection, and they named the greatest of them king of their land that they called Azhakstan."
--Restoration: The Third Book of the Rai-kirah

For information about the places on the map, see the People, Places, and Languages of the Derzhi Empire.

The Derzhi Empire


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