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Elemental Magic:

a romantic fantasy novella by Carol Berg

Elemental Magic

Herein lies a tale:

a student enchantress who has immense talent, but forever fails when she attempts to use it in "great deeds"
a young man born without any scrap of talent for magic among a people whose sorcery defines their every activity, every action, and every choice
and a charming spy who crosses a forbidden boundary in search of truth about the nature of magic

...and so the story begins...
    Water reveals truth. So Ezzarian mentors teach us on the first day of our schooling. Toss your conjured rose into a stream, and if it be but a glamored thistle or a clothed vapor, the water will unmask it. If the velvet petals float away from the thorny stem and yet fill the air with sweetness, you have worked true sorcery and not paltry illusion.
    Water has caused the downfall of many a slacker among those of us training for our part in the demon war; mentors do not hesitate to throw a student and his or her creation into the nearest pool or stream to test enchantments. Not that we have so many slackers. When the gods have given your race the sublime gift of true sorcery and charged you to stand between the unwary world and the invasive evils of the rai-kirah, even the youngest students take their preparation seriously. Some of us just fail.
    Of course, no heady matters of truth or illusion had sent Kenehyr and me to the pool in the Wardens' Grove that night...

Elemental Magic also features novellas by Sharon Shinn, Rebecca York, and Jean Johnson.

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Cover art by Dan Craig


Copyright © Carol Berg, 2009

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