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Information about my epic fantasy novels, including maps, glossaries, FAQs, release dates, and cover art, as well as dates and locations of readings, book signings, and convention appearances.

next stop

Fri-Sun Aug 1-3, 2014
Albuquerque NM

Reading - Signing
2pm Sun Aug 10, 2014
Mysterious Galaxy Books
San Diego CA

Reading - Signing
2pm Sat Aug 23, 2014
Who Else Books
Broadway Book Mall
Denver CO


my books

The Sanctuary Duet
Dust and Light Aug 2014
Ash and Silver Aug 2015

Novels of the Collegia Magica
Novels of the Collegia Magica
The Spirit Lens
The Soul Mirror
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award
The Daemon Prism

Flesh and Spirit
The Lighthouse Duet
Flesh And Spirit
Breath and Bone
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award
    Winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award

Books of the Rai-kirah
Books of the Rai-kirah
    Winner of the Geffen Award

Bridge of D'Arnath
The Bridge of D'Arnath:
Son of Avonar
Guardians of the Keep
The Soul Weaver
Daughter of Ancients
    Winner of the 2006 Prism Award

Song of the Beast
Song of the Beast
A standalone fantasy.
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award

book news

Dust and Light - Online Launch
Dust and Light, August 2014 Here's where you'll be able to find me online in August:

Thursday August 7:
John Scalzi's Big Idea;
Magical Words: Guest Author on Dust and Light;
Thursday August 14:
Reddit Fantasy AMA (Ask Me Anything) Real Time starting at 7pm Central;
Magical Words: Guest Author on Characters;
Thursday August 21:
Magical Words: Guest Author on Blowing Up the Dam;
Thursday August 21:
Magical Words: Guest Author on Answers, Plain and Tall;

Join me so I'm not sitting lonely at my keyboard. You can ask me anything at any of these stops (not just the Ask Me Anything). And Stay Tuned for a few more stops!

You can still win an ARC! (Advance Reader Copy) Send me an email with "drawing" in the subject line. In the body of the email, tell me your favorite of all my characters and why. One sentence is OK - more is awesome!

More launch info Dust and Light will be officially released on August 5, 2014. You should be able to find it at any brick-and-mortar or online bookstore, in print (trade paperback), ebook, and Audible.com editions. The artist who gets credit for this gorgeous cover is Gene Mollica. (Here's a larger version.)

If you want the print version a few days early, join me at Bubonicon, a wonderful little fantasy/sf convention in Albuquerque the weekend of August 1-3. The Mexican food is fabulous, the Albuquerque skies a beautiful blue, and there are always awesome guest authors and artists at Bubonicon: this year Connie Willis, Susan Krinard, Walter Jon Williams, Stephen Donaldson, John Hemry, Cherie Priest...get the picture? And this year, my good friends at the Broadway Book Mall in Denver work the dealers' room at Bubonicon and will be selling early copies of the new book! We can have a launch party in the bar.

Dust and Light, August 2014 I'll also be appearing in a few other places to celebrate the Dust and Light book birthday.

Southern California readers can join me at the fabulous San Diego genre bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy, on Sunday, August 10 at 2pm. We can talk. I could read, if you like (I certainly like. Reading is my favorite gig!)

The Broadway Book Mall will host me in Denver on Saturday, August 23 at 2pm. I'll be joined by my friend and a wonderful writer, Laurey Patton, author of a new fantasy adventure call The Talent Sinistral.

Stay tuned to my appearances page for more fall events. And keep watch here or sign up for my newsletter to get details of my online launch events!

Do you like teasers? Visit the new Sanctuary Duet page.

Ash and Silver - progressing
Meanwhile I'm trying to extricate Lucian from a tangle of deception, conspiracy, mystery, and myth in the second half of the Sanctuary duet. Circumstances have snatched him far away from Palinur and the necropolis and - literally - almost everything he knows. My problem? I just don't think there are enough days between now and October... As usual.

Some recent interviews and appearances
At the Pikes Peak Writers Conference this spring, I sat down with Patrick Hester of SF Signal and shot the breeze for a while, talking about writing in general and Dust and Light in particular. The result can be found at SF Signal Podcast 249.

At the same (terrific!) writers' conference, I sat on a panel with fellow authors Jim C. Hines, Chuck Wendig, and agent Amy Boggs to talk about diversity in speculative fiction. It's a hot topic and we had a lot of audience interest. Take a listen at SF Signal.

And last fall I met Jessy Randall - poet, mystery writer, and rare books librarian and we had fun talking about magical forensics. Read the result at the Hey There's a Dead Guy in My Living Room blog.

And one more note. A reviewer of note - the proprietor of the Bookworm Blues review site, just put up the nicest essay anyone could ever write about my books. I am left speechless. Mostly. She is not a relative.

Keeping in Touch 2012 book signing Newsletter is coming. Sign up below! But you can generally find me on Facebook. Drop in and say hello and keep current on books and news!

There is also a Facebook discussion group for my books. It looks a bit lonely!

A Facebook information page is in need of some updating, if anyone knows how to do this. It is pulling in partial info from Wikipedia. But it is looking better than it used to!


Waiting for word from my book-of-your-choice winners!

More news on my blog...

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Dust and Light (Roc) cover art by Gene Mollica
The Spirit Lens (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
The Soul Mirror (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
The Spirit Lens (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
Restoration (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Son of Avonar (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Breath and Bone (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo
Flesh and Spirit (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo

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