Song of the Beast
People, Places, and Pronunciations

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Aidan MacAllister:   (A den) a nobleman and traveling musician;
Alfrigg:   (AL frihg) a Udema leather merchant;
Alys Adair:   (AL iss) daughter of a Senai merchant house;
Callia:   (CAL lee ah) a girl of the streets;
Davyn:   (DAH vihn) an Elhim clerk;
Desmond:  a Dragon Rider of the Twelve Families; Lara's brother;
Devlin:   Aidan's cousin, the King of Elyria;
Donal:   (DON ahl) King Devlin's son, crown prince of Elyria;
Garn MacEachern:  the High Commander of Elyria's dragon legions;
Gerald Adair:  son of a Senai merchant house;
Goryx:   (GORE ihx) a sadistic jailer;
Gwaithir:   (GWAY thihr) a harpmaster;
Iskendar:   (iss KEN dahr) the oldest of the Elhim;
Lara:   (LAH rah) a young woman of the Twelve Families;
Mervil:  an Elhim tailor;
Narim:   (NAHR ihm) an Elhim;
Nyura:  an Elhim companion of Iskendar;
One Who Guides:  the Elhim deity, also called "the One";
Ruarc:  (ROO ark) Aidan's uncle; late king of Elyria;
Rueddi:   (ROO dee) a Dragon Rider, friend of Desmond;
Tarwyl:   (TAR will) an Elhim clerk and loremaster;
Zengal:   a Dragon Rider of Cor Neuill;


The Seven Gods

Audun:   (OW duhn) goddess of sea and storm;
Jodar:   (ZHOE dahr) god of war;
Keldar:   (KELL dahr) god of wisdom;
Roelan:   (ROO lahn) god of music;
Tjasse:   (tee YAH say) goddess of love;
Vanir:   (VAHN ear) god of fire;
Vellya:   (VELL yah) goddess of earth;



carag:  mountain;
cir:  lake;
cor:  valley;
dekai'cet:   (deh kie SET) the bloodstone that is bound to a particular dragon;
gallim:   (gall IHM) Elhim name for a person not of their race;
jenica:   (JEN ick ah) dragonsbane, a sour herb that grows in the Carag Huim; causes dragons (and humans) to to be groggy and sick;
kai:   (KIE) the Ridemark name for a dragon;
kai'cet:   (kie SET)a bloodstone, a red gem that is used to control dragons;
Ridemark:  common name for the Twelve Families; also for the red dragon tattooed on the wrist of every member of the Twelve families;
Senai:  the tall, dark-haired noble caste of Elyria;
Twelve Families:   the twelve subclans of the Ridemark;
Udema:   the stocky, blonde middle caste of Elyria;



Aberthain:   small kingdom southwest of Elyria; a vassal state;
Aberswyl:  capital city of Aberthain;
Camarthan:  medium-sized trading city in Catania;
Carag Huim:   (KAR ahg HWIM) mountain range on the western border of Elyria;
Catania:  the western region of Elyria;
Cir Nakai:   (SEAR nah KIE) a lake in the Carag Huim; the lake of fire;
Cor Damar:  a dragon camp (also Cor Damar, L'Clavor);
Cor Neuill:   (CORE no EEL) a large dragon lair north of Camarthan;
Cor Talaith:   (CORE tall LAYTH) a high valley in the Carag Huim; the Elhim's home;
Elyria:   (ell EAR ee ah) the most powerful of the modern kingdoms;
Eskonia:  ancient northern kingdom now an enslaved subject state of Elyria ;
Fandine:   (fan DEEN) a dragon camp for injured dragons;
Florin:   ancient coastal kingdom now an enslaved subject state of Elyria;
Gondar:  a southern kingdom at war with Elyria;
Lepan:  a large river port city in Elyria;
Mazadine:   (MAH zah deen) a Ridemark prison outside of Lepan;
Vallior:   (VAL ee or)the royal city of Elyria;
Yr:   (EAR) ancient name for the wild lands west of the Carag Huim;


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