Meet the Beetles
Click for full-sized picture Our first meeting with the PNWNBC at a church parking lot near the Factory Stores in Lincoln City, OR (a few blocks from our house). Front to back, the Y2K Bug, Jen's Beetle (don't remember the name, sorry!), the Tick, the Great Gazoo.
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Click for full-sized picture Hey, are we even allowed to have pictures with people in them? And what's with the pretzel product placement? Do we get paid for that?
Click for full-sized picture Wait! More people! Where are the Beetles? (Left to Right) Lin, Chris, Gil, Cassie, and Mel (correct us if we mucked anyone's name).
Click for full-sized picture People, again! Lunch at Gino's on the Newport waterfront (good shrimp!). (Left to right) Jen, Mel, Shane, Steve, Lin, Gil (behind Cassie), Cassie, and Amy.
Click for full-sized picture Token fish picture. We stopped at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. They wouldn't let us drive our Beetles inside, but perhaps it's just as well. There is some controversy as to whether or not New Beetles float. Speaking personally, we do not wish to be the first to test this out.
Click for full-sized picture "The Arch, a shape that provides strength and efficency. It's a wonder we don't see if used more often..."
Okay, I admit it isn't good journalism, but I digitally removed a lamp post that poked annoyingly into the corner of the picture.
Click for full-sized picture Okay, this isn't that much different than the last one, but it's a nice shot, and I have to make up for all those pictures with people and fish in them!
Click for full-sized picture What a perfect day this was. We just don't normally get weather like this for the 4th of July weekend. The general rule of thumb is, if it's hot in the valley, it's hazy, and possibly rainy, out here on the coast, and it tends to be hot there for the 4th. Hey! Another picture of Beetles! Imagine that!
Click for full-sized picture We're down to three Beetles now, but isn't this a great little picture? Arches and arches parked in an arch. It doesn't get better than that!
Click for full-sized picture One -- more -- time!
There's just something about arches that makes me want to take lots of pictures.
Click for full-sized picture Say, did I mention it was a perfect day? The overlook at Cape Foulweather
Click for full-sized picture Our last picture of the drive. Wait! There are no Beetles in it! Sorry, we promise to do better next time. We split up here. I will say that the drive home was awfully lonely without anyone to caravan with. See you next time!
Meanwhile, we have some space here, so we present some of our own "best Beetle pictures" for your enjoyment.
Click for full-sized picture Lincoln City is a small, tourist town on the Oregon coast. Many of the full time residents work in the service industries, which are very seasonal. Winters are hard on them, and especially on their families. Knowing this, Chris and I have taken on the Fire Department's annual holiday toy drive as our pet charity. We shop all year for quality toys on sale, and stick them away for the drive. Our goal is to find good toys that might delight and inspire a kid whose life may otherwise be very grim. We avoid trendy toys, things that take up lots of space to use (many lived jammed into small apartments), or use batteries that have to be replaced. Classic toys like Tonka, Hot Wheels, and GI Joe. We also buy a lot of firefighter related toys. Anyway, here's last year's haul, in our living room, and filling the back of our New Beetle.
Click for full-sized picture This is the car that started it all for us. Steve's brother, Tim, who lives in Alabama, bought a New Beetle. When the two guys got the chance for a cross-country road trip, Steve flew back and the two of them drove from Alabama to Lincolnn City, Oregon, in six days. After that, we knew we had to have one.
This picture was taken in Pacific City, Oregon, where the Beetle from the Gulf Coast met the Pacific Ocean.
Click for full-sized picture Steve and the Tick, on our first day trip. You always have to take a day trip when you get a new car, right? This was taken just before Christmas, 2000. Yes, he is that tall, and people always ask how he fits in a Volkswagen. No one wants to believe a guy 6'6" can be comfortable in a Beetle!
Click for full-sized picture Chris and the Tick, in the same spot as the picture of Steve, a turnout on Highway 101 just north of Depoe Bay. Though it doesn't show in these pictures, it's a lot less crowded in the winter!
Y'know, no one ever asks me how I fit in the Beetle!
Click for full-sized picture Steve: I come from a long-time VW family. My dad bought a 1959 1/2 beetle "gray market" in Pensacola, Florida. The story is this. Dad wanted to buy a Beetle, but the dealer had a waiting list, wanted a big deposit, and didn't give squat for trades (any of this sound familiar?), but he told my dad on the sly, "see my brother across the street." He was the gray-market dealer. Germans were paid to buy the car at a dealer and drive them to the dock. They were put on a boat and taken to the states. A few changes were made for the US market, mainly in the signals. The "semaphore" signals were simply puttied and painted over, and are still in there to this day, as far as we know. Anyway, dad was able to take immediate delivery, and got the sun-roof for free (he later regretted, as leaking was a problem). As a toddler, I rode in the luggage area behind the back seat. I wouldn't fit there any more. (grin) Dad still has the beetle. It still runs and is in relatively good shape, though I think it's in storage these days.
I didn't have a scanned picture of that car handy, so he's my dad outside his shop in about 1964, with one of several other VWs he owned over the years, a (I think) late fifties microbus. He owned at least a couple buses, another beetle, and a Karmann Ghia, all long gone. He's still got that first beetle though.
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These were taken in Waldport, Oregon, during our December 2000 road-trip, long before the VW "arch/dome" ad campaign started. I'd always thought this was a beautiful bridge, and thought it would make a good backdrop for a picture. It was only after I crossed the highway and looked back that I saw there was something magic going on.
Click for full-sized picture Click for full-sized picture It doesn't snow on the Oregon coast very often, but last winter we woke to find a nice blanket covering everything. I ran out with the camera to get a couple of shots (of the Beetle, and our house).
Click for full-sized picture What goes around, comes around. After riding in my brother's blue 2000 TDI Beetle, I had to have one too. Then fellow writers Jerry and Kathy Oltion from Eugene, saw (and Jerry drove) our blue 2001 TDI. Here they are in Lincoln City with their brand-new 2001 blue turbo.