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These two pictures are an Egyptian doll, made as a get-well gift for a friend. Click on either one for a larger view.

The project was inspired when we found the Legotmcontainer at the local Goodwill. Knowing she was crazy for Egyptian things, we decided to fill the container as a gift. After spotting the doll-size pattern on a trip to the fabric store, the plan grew to include the complete doll and costume, which fits exactly inside the container.

The body is a basic 11.5" fashion doll. We removed most of the original features with acetone and repainted the eyes and mouth for a more exotic look. Her hair was braided in back, and then the real work began. Her costume is made of black satin and a very sheer gold fabric, along with bits of braid and trim. The collar was cut and stiffened, then adorned with a variety of beads, gold braid and trim. The headdress is a doll-size headband with strings of gold beads attached. She carries a sceptre made of a ribbon-wrapped toothpick with a tiny, handmade tassel added to the end.