B.S. Physics, U.C. Berkeley 1984-1989 Because physics is really cool.
Engineer, IBM Corp. New York 1989-1991 I researched laser ablation technologies for chip manufacturing.
Ph.D. Biophysics, U.C. Davis 1991-1997

I started off in the Physics program, but then met a graduate student who was working at the synchrotron. I was sucked into the world of synchrotron biosciences and never looked back.

PhD Advisor: Stephen P. Cramer.

Post-doctorate, Einstein College, New York 1997-2001

Using the NSLS synchrotron to study RNA folding and helping further develop X-ray Hydroxyl Radical Footprinting.

Post-Doc Advisor: Mark R. Chance

Took some time off to write. 2001 Everyone should be so lucky. I also attended the Clarion writing workshop.
Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2001-present I managed the Howard Hughes crystallography beamlines, and was Operations Manager for the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology.
Head, Berkeley Center for Structural Biology 2012-present We manage five state-of-the-art crystallography beamlines and outstanding service for crystallographers around the world. I am proud to be leading this organization.
Volunteer Mentor for Technovation Challenge This is a great program for high-school girls, teaching them that they can be entrepreneurs and leaders in technology.
Editor-at-Large, The Internet Review of Science Fiction Did this for a few years, but unfortunately IROSF is now gone
Managing Director, Speculative Literature Foundation The SLF helps writers of SF/F, mostly by giving grants
Second Draft, a Bay Area writing critique group If you write speculative fiction, you live in the Bay Area, and are looking for a writing group, contact me.
Cuong Nhu I'm a black belt!