May, 2012

Got my black belt!

I traveled to the Cuong Nhu International Training camp to test for my black belt. It was four gruelling hours but I am proud to say that I passed.

me throwing Alyssandra


my board breaking video



January, 2012

Won first place in the Diamond Light Source short story competition!

The only requirement was that the story be set at the Diamond Light Source. I wrote a story about a jaded scientist giving a tour to an annoying mucous-covered alien, and in the process reconnecting with her sense of wonder about science.

Sept 21, 2011

Got my second black stripe on the old brown belt.

I don't have any photos of the test, but here are videos from the dojo Friends and Family night showing off some moves:

Corie and Dave Throw Each Other Around

Corie Breaks a Board

Corie's Dad breaks a Board!



"Mamafield" is up at:

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

January 2011

BCS logo

Jan 29, 2011

Testing for my first black stripe on that brown belt

flying side kick

Feb 27, 2010

Got my brown belt!

Here I am with Dave and Laura after our test.













Here I am sparring Allysandra during the test. I think I just dodged a punch and am coming in for an outer ridge hand strike. Or possibly Allysandra just scored a point with her punch.












Trying to remember the next move in the kata...

brown belt ceremony


doing my kata



Nov 21, 2009

I actually ran a marathon. And survived.Wow! Here are me and my friends Kurt and Karen at the finish, hobbling towards the camera.

Here I am with my dad, who was there to greet me with warm clothes and a huge smile!

karen, kurt and me at finish

me and dad


Nov 21, 2009

Ran the Turkey Trot in Davis with family. Fun!

turkey trot 09  

Feb 18, 2009

Second brown stripe on that green belt. I'm still on track to get my black belt by the time I'm 50.

Dinner celebration after with my karate buds.


second brown stripe

celebration dinner



Nov 4, 2008

Alas, Prop 8 passed. Not sure if my marriage is still valid and how to deal with my taxes this year. However, at least we got the "secret book" on marriage, so everything will be okay.



Oct 3, 2008

I never thought I would be officially married, but now I am - at least, until Nov 4.

Here we are in the marriage license office with the requisite bored government official (ho-hum, another gay marriage), and there we are saying our vows. I do!


I do

marriage office


Mar 26, 2008

Got my first brown stripe on my green belt - wow! Here's a picture of me and Dave right after the test.

corie and dave

Mar 8, 2008

Here I am with my karate buddies after my first tournament - each of us got a metal or a trophy! Okay, so I was one of TWO people in my division, and I got second place...

karate tournament picture

Jan 28, 2008

My story "Looking for Friendship, Maybe More" is now up at Strange Horizons.

Strange Horizons image

May 16, 2007

Tested for my green belt - and passed!

(Here I am fending off two attackers as part of the test)

green belt test

April, 2007

"When the Frogs Sing" is out in Allegory Magazine!

allegory mag

March, 2007

Back to DC with SNUG yet again.


Synchrotron and Neutron Users' Group


Feb, 2007

Reading from "She's Such a Geek" at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco with the editors Charlie Anders and Annalee Newitz, and fellow writers Kristin Abkemeier, Jenn Shreve, and Ellen Spertus

geek pics

January, 2007

Pam Patterson from Berkeley Lab wrote a very nice article on me

LBL View

November, 2006

The book with my essay is out - buy it now!


October 15-16, 2006

Back to Washington DC for more science advocacy


October 14, 2006

Another half-marathon with my dad...well, okay, we didn't do a half-marathon this year (because of various injuries) but we did a short run in the backyard!


July 5, 2006

Check out the interview with me at!


May 10, 2006

Took part in a "Rapid-Fire" reading at Valencia Street Books as part of a benefit for Strange Horizons /Speculative Literature Foundation. I'm not entirely sure how I ended up in this lineup of truly great writers:

Charlie Anders, Keyan Bowes, Jed Hartman, Liz Henry, Vylar Kaftan, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Pat Murphy, Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, Jeremy Adam Smith, Lori Ann White


April 9-11, 2006

Traveled to Washington to advocate on behalf of synchrotron sciences.

Here I am in my fancy (only) suit in one of those plush DC conference rooms.