first place

"The Sound of Science"

Diamond Light Source Short Story Competition, First Place

January 2012


Scape Logo

"All Things Are Full of Gods"


October 2011


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"Mamafield "

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

January 2011


clarkesworld magazine

"The Giving Heart "


June 2009


Strange Horizons image

"Looking for Friendship, Maybe More"

Strange Horizons

January 2008


allegory mag

"Big, Brave Rita"

Allegory Magazine

January 2008


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"Maps to God"

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

November 2007

Here's the thing about my mother: she's been fading out for years. These days I can't understand her unless the electromagnetic fields line up just so.


allegory mag


"When the Frogs Sing"

Allegory Magazine

April 2007


"A Question of Faith"

1st place

Firebrand Fiction/ contest

December 2005

I still remember the exact moment the Miracle occurred: two-twenty in the afternoon, March 7, 2015.


"Quantum Entanglement"

Turbocharged Fortune Cookie

November 2004

According to relativity, you can't tell who is actually moving. The twin on the spaceship sees the earth and all the people on it racing away at near the speed of light.

Each twin thinks the other is abandoning her.


"Ground Control"

Why I Hate Aliens anthology

Stone Garden Publishing

December 2003

I watched Tom carefully the rest of the evening. I thought about calling a psychiatrist, then reconsidered. One visit to a psychiatrist, and he would be quietly taken off of MM16, the first manned mission to Mars. I just couldn't do that to him.

Later, I regretted my decision more than any other in my life.


"How She Became Beautiful" (poem)

The Leading Edge

October 2003

The Prince first saw the mountain girl at the Autumn fair.// She offered up the bowls from her father's pottery wheel in large, coarse hands.// She wasn't petite the way girls were supposed to be; the way the valley girls were.


"Looking Back"

Strange Horizons

August 2002

As I moved to close the door, my wedding band caught the light from the front porch. I pulled the ring from my finger and placed it on the table just inside the door. A small parting gift.


"The Price of an Earth Chit"

Electric Wine

March 2001

Nel stared past the steel bars and white corridor, straight through Teddy's pale-eyed glare, as if he could already see the casino on the other side of the wall and the shining blue oceans of Earth beyond. He had counted every day for the last five years waiting for this moment, and he wasn't about to let Teddy ruin his good mood.



Antipodean SF

February 2000

First, the pigeons disappeared.


"Ghosts of Bombay"

Dark Planet

March 2000

"Mitchell," she said. "I've missed you."

I found myself unable to reply. It was really her, the real Sudipa. Not the ghost that had stayed with me all these years. Not the ethereal Sudipa who followed me from room to room in my small apartment, a clear and beautiful reminder of her own absence.


"Uncertain Light"

ByLine Magazine

Honorable Mention, New talent short story contest

March 1999




Writers of the Future Contest

June 1999



Strange Horizons image

"Who's Afraid of Nanotech?"

Strange Horizons

April 2008

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"X-ray Vision: Not Just for Superman Anymore?"

Strange Horizons

May 2007

"The Making of a Synchrotron Geek"

She's Such a Geek anthology

Seal Press

November 2006

"The Edge of Town"and "A Reluctant TA"

UC Davis Magazine

Spring 2000 and Spring 2002