The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

Gary Baldy Entry
Once upon a time, there was a grouchy old wizard named Belesaurius. He had three apprentices who quarreled over who would inherit the wizard's books (and other items). So, before his death, Belesaurius had made a huge book (2ft x 4ft, 3ft thick). It was bound in the bright leather of no known beast, supernatural or otherwise. Runes and mystic symbols were done in gold and silver upon the jacket. After the book was made, Belesaurius used his last year to place all the magic and knowledge he had acquired over the years of his life within the book. Upon completion, the wizard destroyed all his magical artifacts (those that survived having their magic drained into the Grimmore), and burned all his books but the Grimmore.

Upon his death, the apprentices fought over possession of the book. Finally, after killing the other two apprentices, the survivor opened the book. He was never seen again.

Wizard have searched far and wide for the Grimmore, and often will fight to the death in order to possess it. Needless to say the it's on the Council's banned list.

The Truth
The Grimmore (so called because it contains bidden as well as forbidden knowledge) is in reality a boobytrap. The spells and incantations found with in are real, but useless. While the Grimmore has vast magic cast upon it, this magic does only two things: 1) Eternal preservation of the Grimmore, and 2) Upon opening the book, it replaces all knowledge stored in the human brain with the Information stored within the Grimmore.

Eternal preservation in accomplished by stealing the life-force (essence?) of anyone with full knowledge of the spells contained within the Grimmore. One can imagine the place spell number two has in this little trap.

I did say Belesaurius was a grouchy wizard.