The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

Wayne Cook Entry
1. WIZARDBANE: The sword Wizardbane was devised as part of an escalating war between two powerful nations a very long time ago. Who and why Wizardbane was created are now known only to a few scholars. The sword is fairly ordinary at first glance, but examination will find an intricate pattern of runes, scripts, and arcane designs that are easily mistaken for normal wear. Wizardbane has never been known to show any chip, scratch, scuff, or mark. It's edge is perpetually sharp.

The wounds caused by Wizardbane are no more severe than those of any other weapon, but they cannot be healed by magical means. Further, anyone wounded by Wizardbane who is imbued with magical energy (either by drawing it for a casting or having it cast into them) will take a fever as if infected. By avoiding magic the fever will soon break and the victim recover, otherwise the wound will fester and the victim will weaken and die with a speed dependent on the concentration of energies. Once the wound is sufficiently healed, this effect is ended. Of course, creatures that exist because of magic will be unable to break the fever and are doomed.

In addition, Wizardbane can disrupt magical forces wherever they occur. Depending on the nature, degree, and duration of contact, an enchantment could be shortened, diminished, altered, shattered (with unpredictable side-effects as the energies disperse), or vanish. Spells being cast can be "cut" out of the air, and if properly wielded Wizardbane can defend the bearer against any magical attack.

It is unknown if godly powers are affected by Wizardbane, as there is no record of any god or goddess making its power known in the presence of the sword. It *is* known that Wizardbane has been the doom of several demons and not a few wizards.