The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

Michael Gill Entries
1. THE MASK OF THE STORM KING: The Mask of the Storm King was made to be used in the portrayal of theStorm King in plays when the god began to gain followers. It is unknown whether the maker or the god himself enchanted the mask, but it retains the image of any person who has worn it over the years.

To most it is nothing more than a mask representing the popular image of the god, but to those who know how to activate it can be used to make the wearer look like anyone who has worn it before, in facial appearance only. Once the mask is taken off their appearance reverts to normal.

The mask has traveled quite alot; usually once the last, now wealthy, user has expired the relatives donate it to the local theater, untill someone else happens upon it's secret.

2: THE EBONY EYES: These two stones can be used by an adept to animate any creature from small to medium size (poodle to pitbull).

A golem of appropriate size and likeness must be made from any material, with the stones set where the eyes would be set (hence the size of small to medium -- no rats or horses). The golem must also have an organic sample included somewhere in, or on its form; such as a hair, blood, or a scale.

Once enchanted the creature looks and acts as would any creature of its type, except for the fact that the eyes remain black, and it is susceptible to the will of the conjurer. It will act out the wishes of the conjurer to the best of its ability, and can answer yes or no questions in the manner of its form; therefore it makes an excellent spy, thief, or assassin.

The conjurer can use the gems in as many forms as he can create, by destroying the previous one (removing the eyes). The creature will take no damage and remain active as long as both eyes are inset; if one gem /eye is lost the creature will report back to its conjurer immediately.

The conjurer will not be able to create a different creature untill the other gem is reacquired. The onyxes look like any other smooth onyx; their creation is unknown.