The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

Jayla Nelson Entries
1. MAGICAL SPECTACLES: A pair of glasses that allow the wear to understand any written language. As long as that person can read, they will read the writing as if it were their own.

They are a simple looking pair made of silver or metal. The only hint is faint scratches, which might be a spell, on the inside of the ear piece. A wizard made them so he could go about to other lands and not get trapped into a contract, or into something else he might not want to be a part of.

The wizard made them to understand all languages, not realizing that includes the language that they written in -- magic.

2. THE STONE TOKEN: Long ago there were three Lands. Two were small and bordered each other, and the third. The bigger Land's ruler wanted all three Lands under his rule. He tried to buy the Lands, but they (1&2) would not sell. He knew that his (3) could not stand up to a war so he tried numerous other cunning ways to get the other Lands and all failed. Eventually he died, and his son was named heir to his father's title.

The Son went to the smaller Lands to make peace. He gathered the ruler's in a small town, on the border of the smaller Lands, but not his border. He made a great speech and asked for forgiveness for all of his fathers misdoings. He offered a token of friendship between all three Lands. He said:

"As long as this token is here we all shall be friends and have good trade between each other."

The token was a rock (the item). It is about the size of a man's hand and is oval shaped. The rock is made of garnet or looks of it. The only distinguishing mark on it is an onyx-looking stone embedded on one side.

The first of the smaller Lands wanted to show off the Token. Taking the meaning , "As long as this token is here..." to mean as long as it is on the earth. The other Land wanted to put up a fence around where the Son spoke and keep the Token there for all to see. They took the meaning that the Token had to stay in that spot.

The rulers started arguing over the meaning of the speech, and where to keep the Token. They (1&2) sent messages to the Son (3) but no answer ever came. They thought that they might have offended him. That they (1&2) blamed on each other. Well, war broke out between the two smaller Lands.

The war lasted for many years. Both of the smaller Lands were in financial ruin. The son, who was young at the beginning of the war, was now old, and came back to the very spot he made the speech years early. He asked the new rulers' to stop the war and make peace. He would help. The only way he could see to make peace was to make one big Land and he would rule all. The other rulers would become his advisers in all matters. The ruined rulers saw this as more of his wisdom, but asked why did he not answer the messages that were sent to him. He said "I am sorry. There were some in my court who did not want us to become friend. I just found them out and have gotten rid of them." The rulers took this as a suitable answer.

Years later it was discovered that the Son planned everything. He told his court not to send any answers about the "Token." It was nothing but a rock he found along the road, and a tool to get the Lands. It now bring bad luck to the Land that it is in.

3. THE FAN SWORD: A famous sword, the kind that legends are made of, and no one really believes in. It is made out of gold or looks like it is. It looks like someone made a paper fan, dipped it in gold and sharpened the edges. The handle is about 6 inches thick and about 2 1/2 feet long. (All measurements are just a guess it is a two-handed broad sword.)

The legend around the sword is filled with mysterious tales, some good and some bad. All tales about the sword start with the killing of an evil God. To make a long story short, a wizard, a barbarian, and two women, a fighter and a thief, found the sword. The group wondered into the town where the evil God was hiding. The God being a man wanted the sultry thief. She used her looks to get information about the God, though she did not know that he was a God. They found out his plan to kill all the Gods and just leave the one.

The God came to take the thief and the wizard, barbarian, and fighter asked the God. The only people that were left after that night was the barbarian, fighter and the sword. The only people that believed their tale were the God's and the people of the town.

4. CAT CALLERS: Two cat callers made of a leather band. One end has a knot, and the other a loop. One is for a person, and the other is small enough for a cat. These callers let the wearers to understand each other.

Thieves have guarded this secret too well, so that they don't really know where it came from, or how it works. They know that it does not work on dogs. Someone always tries, saying "Dogs are easier to train and you don't have to renegotiate for the goods."

Thieves talk cats into going to peoples homes and taking jewels. They tell the cat they will give it the biggest fish caught that day. Most of the time this works, but the cat comes back and wants a "Bigger fish, or how about that big chicken the farmer has down the street. Or how if I just keep this and play with it for a while?"

Working with cat is not easy even if you can understand them.

Cats make good thieves. They are quiet, quick, and leave very little evidence behind, except possibly some short hairs, which people often mistake for human. The can sneak in while the kitchen boy is taking out the garbage, and get out any window that is left the little bit open. They can climb up and down near impossible heights, without being noticed.

5. A FINAL GIFT: This is something a wizard made for her children, for when she was away. The wizard specialized in illusions. When she read to her children she would also cast a spell that would let the children see what she read. The children loved this but could not enjoy it when she had to go off and "work" for someone in a far land. As a gift for her children, she cast a spell on a white piece of hard paper, like cardboard or wood bleached white.

While she was getting ready to leave again, she gave her children the paper. She told her children that if they read a book and used the paper as a page marker it would do magic for them. Children being children, they ran to the first book they could find, and put the marker in the book. To their delight they saw images move on the paper. Their mother read that page and the children saw what she read was on the paper marker. It was the only spell she did of this kind, even though she promised to make more. The wizard never returned from that trip. She was killed on her way home by a jealous wizard.

5. THE MAGNATE LAMP: A wall oil lamp, with beautiful gold inlaid carvings on it. It was so beautiful everyone found it next to impossible not to look at it. It was in the office of a wealthy realty magnate's home. He had the lamp commissioned to be the most beautiful lamp in town. It became a thing people would come far and wide to see. That is just what he wanted.

Once the lamp was finished but not mounted to the wall, he took the lamp to a wizard and had a spell placed on it. If you looked at the lamp while it was light you would become temporally dome. The effect of the lamp deepened on the individual but usually lasted between 8 to 24 hours. That was how the agent would seal most of his house, and land. The people would come to look at the lamp and of course it was light. He would ask if they needed some place to stay or if they would like some land. He had some problems with the lamp. How could he light it without looking? He tried lighting it without looking and almost burned down the house. He thought if a person could not see that might help and he needed a secretary. That did not work all the files ended up in the wrong place and she almost burned down the house. So he just left the light on all the time. He could turn down the flame with a knob on the side. Eventually he could turn off and on the lamp without looking.

The wizard that made the lamp knew the potential of that lamp being misused and kept an eye on it. He had a close that if something happened that could be linked to the lamp he would get it. When the agent died he left the lamp to the wizard or the wizards guild. The agent also knew that the lamp could fall into the wrong hands if the truth came out about it.