The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

Jamie Merling Entry
1. THE FLUTE OF THE SHADOW WINDS: This mythical item is featured in a bardic tale. The tale goes that a lovelorn (of course) bard found an ordinary-seeming flute that summoned invisible ghosts or spirits which would dance to it's music, causing a small dust devil, or whirling dervish. The dancing forms were visible as a jagged outline of the debris stirred up by the dancers.

At one point in the tale the spirits protect the bard from a jealous husband, producing a poltergeist-like display. The bard's inevitably fatal mistake is his belief that the spirits summoned are under his control and not just predisposed to the bard for his playing. When the bard tries to assert his authority, the spirits summoned retaliate. Now in an act of ironic justice, one can still sometimes hear the flute played in some of the back alleys of the entertainment district.

Another version of this tale has the bard downfall occurring during an ill-fated Pied Piper-attempt gone horrible awry.