What's New

  • NOVEMBER 25, 2007: Hey -- here's something I almost forgot about that happened during the Great Disconnect: The editor of the Web site for Parade magazine asked me to write an essay for the tenth anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, which happened to coincide with the release of the last book in the series. Why me? Because I'm a world-famous fantasy writer, of course! Or because the editor's a friend of mine. Take your pick. Either way, you can see the essay, "Hype, Hope and Harry," here.

  • NOVEMBER 18, 2007: Long absence, long story. Basic premise: Computer troubles slowly become an excuse for laziness. Happy ending: New computer, broadband access.

    Not much in the way of news, except that my short story "Pavel Petrovich" was given Honorable Mention in the Best Fantasy and Horror of 2006 collection (along with several hundred thousand other stories). It's not as good as actually being included in the anthology, but it is better than a sharp stick in the eye or a kick in the teeth.

    The real question is, does a sharp stick in the eye beat a kick in the teeth, or vice versa?

    Also, artist and all-around good guy Aaron Siddall recently sent me an illustration, and asked if it sparked any ideas - and darned if it didn't! The resulting story, "Princess Carry-Me," (and the illustration, of course!) are posted on his blog. Check them out!

  • JUNE 25, 2006: At long last, the answer to a Russian riddle -- see the What I'm Up to Now section. Also, more gloating over "Pavel Petrovich." I really need to get out more, or at least sell more stories.

  • JUNE 5, 2006: I don't really have much new to say, except that "Pavel Petrovich" has received some nice comments from readers, which I am gloating and chuckling over like a shrivel-souled miser. Links and quotes taken wildly out of context can be found in the What I'm Up to Now section.

  • APRIL 30, 2006: Given that I often lament the glacial pace of publishing, I feel obliged (and pretty excited) to point out that the story I sold to Realms of Fantasy is in the June issue, which subscribers have already received, and which is apparently in some stores.

    Get your grubby mitts on one now, before I buy them all up!

    Also, an update to the What I'm Up to Now section. Executive summary: Magnus Mills writes better than I do.

  • APRIL 2, 2006: Since it's no longer April Fool's Day, I can safely update without people thinking it's a joke. The only thing of writing interest is that I sold a short story to Realms of Fantasy, which is apparently due to come out in an issue in the near future. Deluge their site with visits to find out when it'll be available!!! (!!)

    Also, an update to the What I'm Up to Now section. Executive summary: Not much.

  • NOVEMBER 9, 2005: Just a really short update, basically to let people know I am still alive. And I am! I have put up a link to the site of talented artist and all-around good guy Aaron Siddall in the Links section -- he offers very cool character illustrations. As soon as I have paid off my gambling debts, I intend to get a few myself.

    Also, I should mention that New York: The Unknown City was a finalist for Best Travel Guidebook in the 2005 Independent Publishers Awards. And what's better than being a finalist? It's just like being a winner, but without all that inconvenient prize money to carry around.

  • FEBRUARY 20, 2005: Just some additions to The New York Low Points Timeline. The more I look, the more I find ...

  • JANUARY 9, 2005: A new year is upon us, and I'm still writing 2004 everywhere I can. This update is a little skimpy, but for fun I thought I would put up some pictures of the covers of the Liam Rhenford books that have been published in Russian. Yes, Russian! Who knew that's what my name would look like in Cyrillic?

    Also, I've made some notes in the What I'm Up to Now section, detailing what passes for my writing these days, and added a spectacular picture of my niece and nephews, who are so much cuter than any nieces and nephews you may have.
  • NOVEMBER 29, 2004: This update comes to you from deep inside a Thanksgiving-induced food coma. Just for fun, I thought I'd put up the The New York Low Points Timeline from New York: The Unknown City. We've certainly packed a lot of crime, riots and just plain misery into our history as a city... .
  • NOVEMBER 14, 2004: Let's pretend, shall we? Let's pretend that it hasn't been a year-and-a-half (or more) since I last updated this page. Let's pretend that I've been faithful and true, and delivered a constant stream of useful and fascinating information. And while we're at it, let's pretend that I'm fabulously wealthy and dating a supermodel.

    There -- that's nicer, isn't it?

    All right -- back to reality. I make no excuses. I'm a sloth. I thought I warned you about that. To find out what's been going on (and to see a picture of one of my very cute nieces!) check out the What I'm Up to Now section.
  • FEBRUARY 8, 2003: Well, I finally finished a couple of manuscripts, and sent them out to my agent -- now we wait and see if she thinks they're worth the postage. If you're interested, I've posted the first chapter of one called Scar and the Ministry of Strangers for your amusement and bemusement. Otherwise, just a minor update to the What I'm Up to Now section.
  • DECEMBER 7 2002: Once again, I prove my unreliability by not updating in months -- but as I am now a working stiff again, I won't apologize (check out the What I'm Up to Now section to find out more). I am close to finishing up some books, though, so stay tuned for information on those, and keep your fingers crossed!
  • JUNE 2, 2002: So it's been a while. I've been hard at work (check out the What I'm Up to Now section to find out more). Also, I've added a section of writing tips, none of which are approved by any professional body.
  • FEBRUARY 6, 2002: Wow, still a slug on the Web front, though I have been working on books. Check out the What I'm Up to Now section to find out how I've been keeping busy (and for news on a delightful foreign venture). Also, a revamped collection of Links, most likely of little interest.
  • OCTOBER 23, 2001: OK, so I've been a bit of a slug on the update front. Many and profuse apologies. The simple fact is there hasn't been much to report -- I took a good part of the spring and summer off from authorial endeavors to try and figure out what I'm going to work on next, now that the Liam Rhenford series is on hold. I've finally started something -- check out the What I'm Up to Now section to find out what. Also, a minor update to my biography, of little interest.
  • APRIL 18, 2001: Would you believe that I was working on my taxes? Of course you wouldn't -- you're smarter than that. The simple fact is that I was waiting on some news, which arrived, and when it did, it was bad, and I had to take some time to figure it out. What news? Check out the What I'm Up to Now section to find out.
  • DECEMBER 4, 2000: After months -- or is it years? -- of promising, I have finally put "Strife's Gold" up on the site. A good-parts version, I should say, slightly scaled down from the original, much-lamented and unpublished novel. The occassion for this authorial largesse? Why, the impending release (tomorrow!) of the new book!
  • NOVEMBER 6 2000: Well, it took a while to sift through the many great entries, but -- finally -- I have chosen the winners of the contest!
  • NOVEMBER 4, 2000: OK -- so the contest is finally closed, and I have finally managed to format and post all the entries. They are all pretty interesting -- I recommend checking them out!

    I will be choosing winners tomorrow, and hope to announce them tomorrow night or Monday. Watch this space.
  • OCTOBER 31, 2000: Happy Halloween! Some more entries for the contest. I will be accepting entries sent tonight, provided I find them in my e-mail first thing tomorrow. After that, it will probably take me a couple of days to choose winners -- there are so many great items to pick from. Check them out!
  • OCTOBER 30, 2000: A couple more entries for the contest.
  • OCTOBER 29, 2000: Five more entries for the contest. Coming down to the wire, now.
  • OCTOBER 28, 2000: Another entry for the contest There is still time to get entries in before the deadline....
  • OCTOBER 24, 2000: Another entry for the contest Don't miss the deadline -- only another week!
  • OCTOBER 17, 2000: Yet more entries for the contest The deadline is approaching....
  • OCTOBER 10, 2000: Interest in the contest continues with several new entries including seven (seven!) from one contestant alone. Seven!
  • OCTOBER 5, 2000: Yet another entry in the new contest! .
  • OCTOBER 2, 2000: Results have begun to come in for: the new contest! Check it out -- prizes and a chance at (modest) immortality.
  • AUGUST 27, 2000: I promised it for August -- and here it is: the new contest!
  • JULY 30, 2000: Got a cover flat of "King's Cure," and thought you all might want to see....
  • JULY 17, 2000: A winner was chosen for the Quiz of Fives. Ruth Bitz, of the Great White North, come on down! And thanks to everyone who participated!
  • JULY 16, 2000: Three final additions to the Quiz of Fives List of Finalists, who just made it in at the last minute. The quiz is now closed, and I'll select the winner at random on the 17th.
  • JULY 13, 2000: Another addition to the Quiz of Fives List of Finalists. The quiz will be closed on the 15th, and I'll select the winner at random on the 17th.
  • JULY 4, 2000: Two additions to the Quiz of Fives List of Finalists. The July 15th deadline is coming up....
  • JUNE 18, 2000: An addition to the Quiz of Fives List of Finalists. I will be picking a winner at random in mid-July (that date is now firm, I swear), so if you want to get involved, hurry up!
  • JUNE 6, 2000: A quick What's New update (not much is new), and some additions to the Buzz. I cannot get enough of this stuff. Also, remember that the Quiz of Fives is still open -- but it won't be forever. FREE STUFF! Who cares what it's worth? It's free!
  • APRIL 21, 2000: A quick What's New update, and the first two correct respondents to the Quiz of Fives noted. If you haven't tried it yet, get in there -- I'm giving away free stuff!
  • MARCH 26, 2000: Just a quick What's New update.
  • FEBRUARY 24, 2000: OK, the quiz I promised, and a very exciting one it is. Also, the usual What's New..
  • JANUARY 18, 2000: OK, a small update on the manuscript I just finished -- new What's New, and a couple of new Buzzes. More coming in February.
  • DECEMBER 16, 1999: You'll have to forgive me -- I was dead there for a while. Yup, gone to the great beyond. That's the only excuse I can come up with. Well, that or the fact that I was in prison. Yeah, that's it -- prison! I was in prison! Actually, for a long time I was waiting for news on the books I had submitted, and then I was busy leaving my job, and up until quite recently I was busy establishing myself as a freelance ... whatever. You name it, I'll do it for a pre-arranged hourly rate.
    Anyway, many apologies for going so long without an update, and for now all I have is a What's New thing, telling what I have coming up in the publishing world. Future updates will include special surprises ... chief among them being that there will actually be future updates! I swear!
  • JULY 22, 1999: Given that I have nothing new to say or show you, I will resort to the cheapest Web trick in the book -- a redesign! Actually, though I kind of like the new look of the front page, that would be a really cheap update, so I've included an unpublished story, An Excerpt from the History of Art. It's very short. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
  • JUNE 14, 1999: I just found out that a story of mine has been translated into French and printed in an anthology. I have to say I'm pretty excited about that. Now the French have something American to laugh at other than Jerry Lewis. In honor of that, I'm putting the story up here (in English). Enjoy!
  • MAY 4, 1999: A What's New update, and a short story, A Minory Odyssey. Enjoy!
  • APRIL 19, 1999: Just a What's New update, and a resizing of the sailing picture. More later.
  • MARCH 9, 1999: Nothing particularly exciting: a What's New update, and that lovely new picture on the opening page, which probably takes far too long to download, and the Magic 8-Ball prognostication that goes with it.
  • FEBRUARY 26, 1999: Updated The Buzz to include a very tasty review from Amazon.com, and added some What's New kind of stuff. OK, not wildly exciting, but hey, I had a lot of Oscar-nominated movies to catch up on.
  • FEBRUARY 2, 1999: Well, I seem to be keeping up fairly well. Not too shabby. In this update, we have a new Magic 8-Ball prognostication, as well as a new story, The Library of Ligarius, and some What's New kind of stuff. Enjoy!
  • JANUARY 4, 1999: Oh, the countdown to 2000 begins. Hope everyone's holidays went well. I have a few things to kick off the New Year, including my list of Resolutions, as well as a new Magic 8-Ball prognostication, and some random What's New kind of stuff.
  • DECEMBER 21: I've decided that for Christmas I will not suck, so here's another update. Mostly just updating and stuff -- see Who and What I'm up to for that. And to announce the sad demise of the Penn Bar. I never realized how much a bar could mean to me, til they closed that nasty old place down.... Oh, and I also added an extra-special strong warning to the Wards FAQ.
  • DECEMBER 7: Whoa -- who sucks? I suck! Many months since the last update, and many apologies for that. This time I've added yet another new Magic 8-Ball prognostication, as well as an unpublished short story, Yesss, Virginia, that I think is appropriate to the holiday season.
  • SEPTEMBER 8: Added some more stuff to The Buzz. Also added yet another new Magic 8-Ball prognostication, and another story, Veillard the Half-Mad. Also, important news (important to me, at least), in the What I'm Up to Now section.
  • AUGUST 20: Added The Buzz, which is all comments from readers about my books. It makes me happy. Also added a new Magic 8-Ball prognostication, as well as this page, where you can tell what has most recently been added. I'm trying to make an effort to keep this from becoming a cobWeb page; the goal is to post something new at least once a month, if not more often.
  • AUGUST 5: Added On the Golcondar Run, a short story of mine that appeared in Science Fiction Age in 1996. Also updated the What I'm Up to Now section.

    And, just in case you're interested, "Wizard's Heir" is out of print at the moment. If you can't wait for Ace to reprint it (as we hope they will), I'd suggest you take a look at the Science Fiction Book Club omnibus edition, in which it is included.