The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

OK -- I have finally gotten around to choosing winners. I will skip all the stuff about how hard it was to choose (though it was) and get right to the names:

FIRST PLACE: Michael Gill, for The Mask of the Storm King.
SECOND PLACE: Mike Leatham, for both Stevant's Astroscope and The Guardian of the House.
THIRD PLACE (TIE): Mark Schneider for A Piece of Junk and Erik Fischer for The Bowl of the Beggar King.
HONORABLE MENTION: Joseph Teti for The Map of Creth and Nelatra's Everful Jar of Skin Cream.

Don't be surprised if you see any -- or all -- of these showing up in future Liam Rhenford novels. (Suitably acknowledged, of course... .)

Remember, this reflects only my opinion (and plenty of people think my opinions are both bizarre and arbitrary). All the entries were very cool, and it came down to some very hard choices.

As I've said before, you're all pretty damned creative.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


Jayla Nelson (4): Magical Spectacles; The Stone Token; The Fan Sword; Cat Callers; A Final Gift; The Magnate's Lamp.
Michael Gill (2): The Mask of the Storm King; The Ebony Eyes.
Mark Schneider (3): Seamripper; "A Piece of Junk;" The Hour-Glass Crystal.
Jamie Merling (1):The Flute of the Shadowed Winds.
Joseph Teti (10) (10!): The Ring of Marath; The Map of Creth; The Thief's Wand; Patchul's Wand of Comfortable Animation; The Tiles of Terru; The Ancient Obsidian Dagger; The Eye of Journ; Assassin's Blade; Nelatra's Everful Jar of Skin Cream; The Merchant's Bane.
Lex Bridport (1):A Very Handy Quill.
Tim Lanway (1):The Library Stone.
Jonathon Wild (1):The Labyrinth Lens.
Irena Kuo (4):The Bellychain of Mahanna; Thik's Swordbreaker; Fenkun's Brazier; The Captain's Collar.
Gary Baldy (1):The Grimmore of Belesaurius.
Wayne Cook (1):Wizardbane.
Erik Fischer (3):The Coins of Khryphos; The Bowl of the Beggar King; Naharjals.
Mike Leatham (6):Diamond Stylus; Ravelling Basket; Stevant's Astrascope; The Cloak of Distraction; The Guardian of the House; The Fount of the Storm King's Daughter.