Liam Rhenford in Russia!

Check it out -- sometime back in 2002, a Russian publisher bought the rights to the Liam Rhenford series, and has been releasing them in hardcover over the past few years. Now I know what my names looks like in Cyrillic!

They're very cool, and even include an author photograph. Using my mug may have been a marketing mistake -- though on the other hand, they may have been hoping readers would confuse me with some other author, since with the beard and the glasses and the weight I look exactly like every other male fantasy author out there. (Can someone explain that to me? Have we all been cloned? And if so, why weren't we cloned from Tolkien, who at least was impressive in a donnish sort of way? Instead, we all look like Peter Jackson, but without the Oscar.)

But, as my boss often says, I digress. The most interesting thing for me about the books is the little blurb on the back cover of the books. It's a longish quote -- in Cyrillic, naturally -- but the attribution, for some reason, is in Roman letters, claiming that the quote comes from --wait for it -- The New York Times.

Now, I know that I've never been reviewed in the Times -- in fact, I'm fairly sure no one there has ever even heard of me -- so I have to wonder what this blurb says. I hope it's something good, but I have no way to tell, since I don't read Russian.

Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if what's inside the covers is actually my book. For all I know, they could be reprints of ComIntern reports from the late 1930s, with a little dragon art to liven things up.

Now, those covers:

Fanuilh (I assume the little word on top is "Dragon")

Beggar's Banquet

Scales of Justice

King's Cure
(Note that they used a different piece of cover art -- the one Bob Eggleton did for the SFBC omnibus of the first three novels.)