The Taralon Antiques Roadshow

Joseph Teti Entries
1. RING OF MARATH: After a series of bad cavities the wizard Marath decided to find a way to fix his teeth. After several years and five teeth he finally produced the ring of Marath. The ring prevents cavities, tooth decay, and abscesses. It also repair and replaces lost or damaged teeth. Marath became quite rich selling copies of the ring to merchant, nobles and wealthy physicians. A ring of Marath appears to be a large ring carved from ivory with various magical symbols inscribed upon on the inside of the ring. At the time of his death, he choked to death on a chicken bone at a banquet, he was known to have produced 137 rings.

2. MAP OF CRETH: The Necromancer Creth was not only paranoid but an incredible busybody as well. To protect him self, and help him find out interesting gossip, Creth created the famous map that bears his name. The map is of a 15 mile radius around his residence in a certain city. It not only shows every street, building and alley in that area but also every living thing currently in the area with a description. Having the map at too high a information content only clutters up the map making it impossible to read. It is better to only ask specifics, i.e., show wizards, priests, brothels. The map only works in the 30 mile diameter circle with his house as the center. When removed from the circle the map appears to be a plain piece of tanned leather, although a discriminating person will notice its human origin. Rumors that Creth created other maps have at this time been unproven.

3. THIEF'S WAND: The origins of the Thief's Wand are unknown. It is six inches long topped with a 1/4 inch cube of tarnished silver. Touching the cube to a lock will open it without setting off any traps or alarms.

4. PATCHUL'S WAND OF COMFORTABLE ANIMATION: The Necromancer Patchul love his comfort. Regular chairs and beds just aggravated his hump. Years of unrelenting research and experimentation finally resulted in the wand of comfortable animation. The wand is a plain twelve inch piece of ebony topped by a clear quartz crystal. To charge the wand all you do is touch the crystal to the skin of a living person. It sucks the soul or spirit out of the body and into the crystal. The crystal then becomes cloudy. Touching the frame of an object such as a chair or bed then animates the object. The animated object the adjusts to the maximum comfort of it's current user.

5. TILE OF TERRU: The failed artist and amateur wizard Terru created these unique tiles. The tile is 1cm sq. in a blue glaze that glows silver in the moonlight. Placing the tile in a mosaic animates the design into a moving, living two dimensional picture.

Over two dozen of these living mosaics were in a certain city at the time of his death. He fell (or was pushed, depending on who you believe, of course the arguments he had with the wizards guild had nothing to do with his death) from a scaffolding just after animating the mosaic in the hall of justice. Currently only Three living Mosaics reside in the city, all in government buildings. The whereabouts and condition of the remaining tiles are unknown. Destroying or removing the tile will freeze the picture in its current form.

6. ANCIENT OBSIDIAN DAGGER: This objects name and history are unknown. It was found in an abandoned temple in the jungles far to the south. The dagger looks like a eight inch long double edged dagger of chipped obsidian and with yellowed bone handle. A cut inflicted with this dagger will only heal with the strongest of spells. Prayers, priests, and it is suspected Divine intervention, have no effect.

7. EYE OF JOURN: The Eye of Journ is a polished piece of tiger's eye. Placing the stone in an empty eye socket allows the person to see out of that eye as he would normally. Origin unknown.

8. ASSASSIN'S BLADE: The Assassin's Blade is not a specific item but a general type. This is a preferred weapon of several clans within the assassin's guild. The Blade is not limited to a specific type of weapon (I.E. stiletto, cutlass) but can be found as any bladed weapon. An Assassin's Blade looks to be made of polished silver, but will not tarnish, or nick and will always be razor sharp. While these are useful qualities in a swordM what makes the Assassin's Blade truly special is the fact that it is poisoned. Depending on the severity of the wound it could take hours (scratch) to seconds (deep stab) to die. The poison is very fast and incredibly painful. No cure is known for the poison but to be fair those who have been exposed rarely have time to seek help.

9. NELATRA'S EVERFUL JAR OF SKIN CREAM: This 8-inch tall, 3-inch wide jar is made of smooth malachite and has a tight fitting lidof the same material. By replacing the lid the jar is once again filled with the magic skin cream. The skin cream will heal all damage done to whatever skin it is applied to. The cream heals everything from scars, blemishes, warts, fungus, mold, to damage due to age. The cures are, however, literally skin deep. Using the cream will only make you look younger; it will not lengthen your life or improve bodily health. In fact, ingestion or contact with a open wound will result, depending on amount, in illness or even death.

10. MERCHANT'S BANE: The merchant's bane appears as an ordinary gold coin and is most often used as such. However, when it is touched to a lead copy of a gold coin the copy takes on the apparent weight of a real gold coin. It is impossible to tell such a copy from a real coin until the magic has worn off three days later. Many are the tales of a merchant who thought himself suddenly rich only to discover later that he was poorer by the transaction. In many cities it is common for shop keepers and merchants to keep a lead copy of a gold coin and to test each gold coin to determine whether or not it is a Bane. While tales of the Bane are many, it is always my mother's, cousin's, wife's, father who knew a rug merchant, who has experienced the Bane. No true Merchant's Bane has ever been found and for this reason it is listed by the Wizards Guild as an urban legend.