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My Sculpture Page:

Sculpture Page

Author Links:

Billie Sue Mosiman, a Houston, Texas author whose most recent novel is STILETTO.

Creepie: mild-mannered media writer (and Sci Fi Flix contributor) by day, but by night? Stop her before she reviews another serial killer movie.

Connie Hirsch, a good friend, fellow Tale Spinner, contributor to Sci Fi TV Flix, and author of several cool short stories.

Nancy Etchemendy, who wrote "Mollusk Dreams" in XANADU 3, as well as other stories.

Fritz Leiber, a fan-maintained home page for the late, great grandmaster of fantasy. If you haven't read Fritz's works, such as SWORDS AND DEVILTRY, you're missing a huge treat!

Mark Sumner, a fellow Tale Spinner, contributor to Sci-Fi TV Flix, and author of the weird western DEVIL'S TOWER.

Mark Kreighbaum, a fellow Tale Spinner, contributor to 100 WICKED LITTLE WITCHES, and author of of a number of other short stories.

Martha Wells, another Texas author whose most recent novel is CITY OF BONES.

Fiction Links:

Arnzen's arbor vitae, one of the best horror websites, maintained by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Mike Arnzen.

Banned Books

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database, an ambitious project to amass a searchable database (similar to the Internet Movie Database) for science fiction, fantasy and horror literature.

Wildside Press, a specialty bookseller with links to many other author pages.

Media Links:

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. One of the best sites devoted to THE best science fiction show on television. A clearinghouse for info and discussion on J. Michael Straczynski's "novel for television."

The New Website of Love, one of the better sites devoted to Mystery Science Theater 3000.

A Lost in Space site which is actually about the TV show ("Lost in Space" is apparently a very popular name for web pages). There's much to love about this show, and this site has a lot of neat stuff, including an amusingly comprehensive list of insults Dr. Smith used on the robot.

The Internet Movie Database, an incomplete but still comprehensive (and very useful) database of info on movies.

The PBS Online home page, which features information on the quality television programming of the Public Broadcasting System.

How To Be An Armchair Movie Critic, an introduction to film criticism by University of Houston German film studies professor, Sandy Frieden, PhD. Kids, do try this at home.

Six Degrees of Kevin. Is Kevin Bacon the mysterious center of the universe? You decide.

Other Links of Interest:

The Storm Chaser Home Page, a cool page dedicated to those who chase, study, and videotape tornados and other severe storms. If you liked Twister you'll love this site!

James Randi, the magician and well-known skeptic.

Rick Campbell's Bookmarks, an eclectic and interesting collection of links. Makes a great jumping-off point for some pure exploratory surfing.

Gremlins in the Garage, one of the best sites devoted to the hobby of collecting and building scale models.

SF Model Design & Implementation, another really good model site.

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