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This is sort of a flea market page. SFF-Net isn't a retail site, and these offerings are not meant to compete with the vendors selling through normal channels. However, if you want any of the published works of Dave Smeds and haven’t been able to find them elsewhere, or if you would like autographed copies, this is the place to be. (Note: This page is a work-in-progress, and is not intended to be comprehensive. If you think something should be listed here that you don't see, ask about it.)

Most items below are cover price. See individual entries. The autographs are at no extra charge. Shipping costs another buck fifty if you’re ordering only one item. It’s two dollars per order for two to six items--therefore well under a buck per item if you order in quantity. Order more than six items and the shipping is free.

Once you’ve determined what you want, drop an email note here, and we’ll work out payment details.


The Sorcery Within

This novel was in and out of print in three months in the summer of 1985. Copies are very hard to find. Our supply of new copies was sold out by early 1987, so what we offer here have been picked up second-hand. Condition varies. All are intact and completely legible. $5.00

The Schemes of Dragons

This work was published in early 1989 and has been out of print since 1990. It is also difficult to find. Fortunately we are well supplied with original stock. A beautiful cover. $5.00


Peter S. Beagle's Immortal Unicorn

Featuring the Smeds novelette “Survivor.” This is a huge hardcover volume filled with stories by authors such as Peter Beagle, Tad Williams, Eric Lustbader, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Karen Joy Fowler, and many others. Edited by Peter S. Beagle and Janet Berliner. Beautifully packaged. Don’t let the unicorn title mislead you. Though every story somehow touches upon the unicorn myth, this is a literate collection of stories about immortality. Original edition, now out of print. A mass market version is scheduled for 1998, but it will be split into two volumes, making this hardcover not much more expensive than you would pay for the set of paperbacks. At the original cover price of $25.00.

David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible

Featuring the Smeds novelette “The Eighth of December.” A lot of folks missed this one when it originally appeared because it was disguised to look like an autobiography of, or perhaps a novel by, the celebrity stage illusionist David Copperfield. It is, in fact, an ambitious collection of short fiction by top writers, with contributions by Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Eric Lustbader, F. Paul Wilson, Kevin Anderson, Raymond E. Feist, Joyce Carol Oates, and a dozen others. Only the opening vignette and introductions are by Copperfield. Edited by David Copperfield and Janet Berliner. Illustrated by Cathie Bleck. Wish we could offer copies autographed by Copperfield or even by his main squeeze of the time, model Claudia Schiffer, but this hardcover edition is beautiful and worthwhile all the same. At the original cover price of $23.00.

Spells Unbound

A rare item. This 1993 anthology, edited by Robert A. Fleming and Dave Smeds (and featuring Dave’s “nanotech” black comedy “Suicidal Tendencies”), collected stories written by the Spellbinders, Inc., a science-fiction-and-fantasy writing workshop based in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Spellbinders was formed in 1975 as a fan group, responsible for, among other activities, organizing the well-received and fondly remembered series of Octocon sf conventions in Santa Rosa. Bringing together examples of both the professional short fiction sales of its members as well as the cream of the crop of its amateur works, this book is a trove of talent and ideas. Contributors include Marc Stiegler, Dave Smeds, Sharon N. Farber, Margaret Silvestri, Joel Richards, P.M.S. Faught, Pras Stillman, Marian Gibbons, Lucy Buss, Shirley Johnston, Jonathan Sachs, and more. Still available in pristine original condition, this trade paperback, originally priced at $12.00 and limited to 325 copies, can be had from this site for only $5.00 each.


This section is of the flea market may be the most essential. Novels and anthologies, even when out of print, can usually be tracked down, but issues of magazines are usually gone, gone, gone after their brief period of sale. The following copies are all like new.

Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, May, 1987

Contains the Smeds story "Termites," as well as work by Pat Cadigan, Frederik Pohl, Bruce Sterling, Bruce Boston, Neal Barrett, Jr., Nancy Kress, Robert Frazier & Roger Dutcher, and Steve Rasnic Tem. $4.00

Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, August, 1992

Contains the Smeds story "Reef Apes," as well as work by John Varley, Mike Resnick, Geoffrey A. Landis, Tom Purdom, and Diane de Avalle-Arce. $4.00

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March, 1994

Contains the Smeds story "A Marathon Runner in the Human Race," as well as work by Carolyn Ives Gilman, Gregory Benford, Susan Wade, Felicity Savage, James Morrow, Gary Couzens, Esther Friesner, and Carrie Richerson. $4.00

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, December, 1994

Contains the Smeds Nebula-Award nominated story "Short Timer" plus fiction by Ursula LeGuin (the novelette than won the Nebula Award in '96), Ray Bradbury, Carrie Richerson, Urs Frei, Dale Bailey, and Scott Mackay. $4.00