David B. Coe

Author of Fantasy Novels and the Occasional Short Story

Weavers of War

It has all come down to this. The deceptions and half-truths, the assassinations and betrayals, the bloody sieges that have left such deep scars upon the land -- all have led here, to a terrifying spectacle that no one anticipated, that few even thought possible. The future of the Forelands and the very survival of the Eandi courts will be decided by a war between Weavers.

Tavis of Curgh, an Eandi prince, has come through torture and exile and has managed to kill the assassin who murdered the the princess to whom he was pledged. But the young girl's death, plotted by Qirsi conspirators who seek to overthrow the courts and take command of all the seven realms, has left the kingdom of Eibithar divided and weakened. Joined by Grinsa jal Arriet, a Qirsi Weaver -- a sorcerer who can bind the magic of many into a single weapon -- Tavis has joined the king's army as it marches north to stave off an invasion. All the land is girding for war.

This war, however, is a diversion. In the Braedon Empire, another Weaver -- Dusaan jal Kania --has gathered a vast army of Qirsi renegades that he now leads by sea to the shores of Eibithar. Moreover, his influence stretches far beyond Braedon, spanning the length and breadth of the Forelands. Even as the Eandi armies ride to meet this challenge, they harbor in their ranks Qirsi ministers who have secretly pledged themselves to the Weaver's dark cause.

But Tavis, Grinsa, and their allies have hidden advantages as well. Keziah ja Dafydd, Grinsa's beautiful sister, who is also minister to the king of Eibithar, has infiltrated the Weaver's movement. Now, as war approaches, she and Grinsa move against their enemy, hoping against hope that they can find some way to thwart Dusaan's plans and stand against the overwhelming force he commands.

The time for preparations has come to an end. Two armies stand ready to do battle and the fate of all the land hangs in the balance. A war is coming. A war between Weavers. The Forelands will never be the same.

Weavers of War is the fifth and final volume of Winds of the Forelands, which also includes the critically acclaimed opening volumes, Rules of Ascension, Seeds of Betrayal, Bonds of Vengeance, and Shapers of Darkness.

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Praise for Weavers of War, book V of Winds of the Forelands

"Full of magic and intrigue, Weavers of War: Book Five of Winds of the Forelands, the final volume in David B. Coe's epic fantasy series, will keep fans turning the pages to the exciting climax." -- Publisher's Weekly