David B. Coe

Author of Fantasy Novels and the Occasional Short Story


Welcome back to the Contests page of my website! The contests were gone for a while, but now they're back again. As before, I'll be giving away signed copies of my books, signed promotional posters, and perhaps other goodies as well. This isn't intended to be taken too seriously -- it's just a book or poster. There's nothing too big at stake here. So have fun with it and enjoy!

The Latest Winner:

Thanks to all of you who submitted answers to my most recent contest. This month's question was about Cadel (aka Carden) the assassin in the Winds of the Forelands series. And the winner of the contest is Daniel M., of New Milford, N.J. Daniel correctly described the location of Carden's gold as "Cestaar's Hills near Noltierre. At the south end of the ravine, by the river, between the two largest oak trees (by far) in the entire valley." For his correct answer, Daniel will receive a signed hardcover copy of The Horsemen's Gambit, book II of Blood of the Southlands.

Usually, I would introduce a new contest here, but I'm going to take a short break from the contests to see if I can come up with some new ideas for drumming up interest in them. Interest seems to be waning just a bit.

Happy holidays to all of you.