David B. Coe

Author of Fantasy Novels and the Occasional Short Story

Blood of the Southlands

How long is too long to wait for vengeance?

To what lengths would one woman go to avenge a wrong that most have long since forgotten?

Would one family risk a fragile and hard-won peace in their singleminded pursuit of redemption?

Is it possible to overcome ancient hatreds of race and clan when war looms on every horizon?

How much can one man be expected to sacrifice to save people he doesn't even know?

These questions lay at the very heart of Blood of the Southlands, the thrilling new fantasy epic from David B. Coe, author of the Crawford Award-winning LonTobyn Chronicle. Set in the same world as his critically acclaimed Winds of the Forelands series, Blood of the Southlands is the tale of one woman's twisted quest for justice, and the evil her magic looses upon the land. It is a story of duplicity and violence, of kinship and rivalry, of revenge and the search for redemption.

All three books in the Southlands series -- The Sorcerers' Plague, The Horsemen's Gambit, and The Dark-Eyes' War are now out from Tor Books in hardcover and paperback.

And if you're interested in learning more about the historical connection between the Southlands and the Forelands, you might want to read David's short story, "Night of Two Moons," which first appeared in the Summer 2002 issue of Black Gate magazine. It can now be found on this web site.

Black Gate Magazine (Summer 2002, Cover art by Charles Keegan)