Indy Region SCCA, June 24, 2001, 16th Street Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

The course:

The course started with a mandatory slalom (meaning you had to go to the left of the first cone).  Next was a box of cones with two openings which I was told was a structure called a "Garage."  After the garage was a gate that was the first "gotcha" for me.  I think I missed it on my second run, resulting in a DNF.  That gate was followed by a turn to the left that which the track crossed later (called, naturally enough, a crossover).  The slalom that followed that was optional, meaning you could go to either side of the first cone.  However, given the lead in and lead out from it, there was only one realistic route to take--to the left of the first cone.  After the slalom, there was another crossover followed by two hard lefts which actually could be treated as one fairly high-speed sweeping turn called a "carrousel."  Through crossover 2 again and take a hard left, then back through crossover 1 and a hart right followed by another slalom just before the finish.

I had five runs on this course.  I thought I DNFed (Did Not Finish) at the last slalom, because the car spun sideways and I thought I missed a gate.  But I guess my recovery path from the spin put me through the gates in the proper sequence.

My best time was 56.196 seconds, which was 9.118 seconds off the best time in my class (E Stock).

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