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My car is a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS, with the 16V 2.0 liter engine.  Mitsubishi claims 135 horsepower for that engine and a curb weight of 2678 lbs.  The car is "La Salle Silver" which looks closer to gold to me.  The interior is a dark tan.  I bought the car used in 1999.

Factory options include:

One of the reasons that I selected the car is that it is listed for several classes of SCCA competition, including E Stock and C Street Prepared for Solo II (Autocross) and ITA for Improved Touring club racing.  However, after buying it and getting involved in Solo II, I have learned that it is not competitive in any of those classes.  For 2002 it will be reclassified into H Stock class (as part of a general reorganization of the SCCA Solo II classes).  Currently, H Stock is a slightly slower class than E Stock but a lot of other cars that are now E Stock are also going into H Stock.   However, in Street Prepared trim, the car has been reclassified to DSP, which is a slightly slower class.  That holds hope for being promising.

Updates/modifications to date:

Car work Diary

*Links are to either descriptions of products or installation information.

Planned modifications:

First, within stock class:
Note, I'm no longer in Stock, but some of these still need to be done.

Next in Street Touring (an intermediate class between Stock and Street Prepared)

Finally, in Street Prepared

At that point the car will probably be as competitive as its going to be without radical modification. (Does anyone know if the 3.0L V6 used in the 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT will bolt up to the Eclipse's transmission?)

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