The end of The Mustang Adventure

The final ending of The Mustang Adventure

This involves several major gripes, actually.

For two months, my Mustang sat in the driveway, discreetly covered.  Two more months and it would be back in the garage.  Unfortunately, one of the neighbors decided to take exception to it.  Rather than come to talk to me, they called the housing development's architectural committee who called a city inspector who came and served us notice with a violation for an "inoperable vehicle."

This was the last straw.  While I was unhappy at being pushed into it, I was already at the "giving up" point on the restoration project.  I started calling junkyards.  While the car would never be driven again, at least some of the parts could see some use in other cars.

One of the places I called agreed to take the car.  "5:00 tomorrow" they said.  So, I arranged to leave work early to meet them.  5:00 rolls around.  Nothing.  5:30 rolls around.  Still nothing.  6:00 rolls around.  I call the yard and get no answer.  The next morning, at work, I call and they say "we'll be out today." I ask them to call me when they're heading out so I can take a bit of a long lunch and meet them to transfer title.  When no call comes for a while I call them to see what's happening and they tell me the wrecker is on the way.  Yipe!  I tell my boss I'm going and dash out the door so I can give them the title.  Get home.  My wife's there.  Anybody come for the Mustang?  Nope.  So I wait a while and call the junkyard again.  This time I'm told their wrecker driver has quit for the day.  That's it for these guys.  I make some other calls and get another place to come.

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